3 Cliché Makeup Tips This Over 40s Expert Is Tired Of Hearing

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Welcome back to our mature beauty series! This week, over 40s makeup expert Amanda Ramsay shares the cliché tips she’s tired of hearing. Buckle up… 

Why is it that having a few wrinkles and crinkles seems to bring out the fun police? There are so many ‘rules’ when it comes to mature makeup that surely by now we have earned the right to break! I hear many cliché tips in the beauty industry that, frankly, as a professional makeup artist with over 19 years of industry experience, an over 40s makeup expert, and 49-year-old mother-of-two, I’m sick of hearing. Gah, rules can be so stifling and boring can’t they!? Here are three cliché tips I am so sick of hearing (and hope that you ignore!).

Cliché tip #1: “Keep your eye makeup neutral”

Ain’t nothing wrong with neutrals but they can get a little, well, boring, and on some complexions look a little flat. Browns and neutral eyeshadow shades are an easy go-to — and of course I love them too — but they’re definitely not all you’ve got! Bringing a little colour into your eyeshadow can swiftly update your look. Try playing with pinks, apricots, peaches, and watermelon tones to instantly modernise your makeup.

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Cliché tip #2: “Stop wearing shimmer and sparkle”

You’ll often read makeup artists warning mature skin beauties to steer clear of shimmer and sparkle. Now, I get it, shimmer can accentuate the crinkles on your lids or around your eyes. But I’m here to tell you that your shimmer and sparkle days are far from over. My goodness, who decided that was even a thing? Get those sequins out, we are NOT fading into the background. The reason I say poo-poo to this cliché is that shimmer and sparkle is playful, it’s fun and I really believe we 40+ women need to up the sparkley-fun ante. My tip here is to use it strategically; trying popping a strong shimmer or sparkle right into the middle of your eyelid or the inner corners of your eyes, making your peepers pop. It’s like a little wink!

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Cliché tip #3: “A smokey eye is no longer for you”

A smokey eye is 100 per cent a friend of mature skin. It’s a brilliant technique for balancing and opening up your eyes. It does not need to be a dark sooty black or charcoal grey — start with a tone that you feel comfortable with and build up your smokey eye confidence from there. 

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I’ll leave you with this: remember that rules are always there to be broken. I’ve provided you with some guidelines to bust up three cliché tips that are designed to keep us over 40s stuck in a boring, old makeup rut… but you do what feels good for you. After all, makeup is all about how it makes YOU feel. When you feel good, you radiate confidence. So take the tips, and guidelines, then make them work for you.

Want more tips from Amanda? Read her foundation hacks for mature skin and tips for dealing with puffy eye bags, or join her for The Shine Sessions — a series of video makeup masterclasses that’ll teach you how to embrace your beauty at any age.

Which cliché makeup tips are you tired of hearing? What topic would you love Amanda to cover next time?

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  1. Eyeliner! The whole idea that you can’t wear eyeliner. I’m not going to wear black winged eyeliner, but on the rare occasions I wear makeup I do use it in other more flattering colours.

  2. I always do my eyes and I simply refuse to follow any rules. There are so many awesome shades of eye shadow and eyeliner out there and not enough life to use them all but i will give a darn good go.

  3. Wearing “neutral” makeup. Anything beige looks ageing on me. Love coloured liners, sparkle and bold lippies in plum, berry and all shades of purple. And let’s not forget a very long healthy hair and glowing skin.

  4. I love wearing makeup more now than ever – It’s taken me a long time to realise it, but I actually think it suits me. Just as happy to have days with none on too and it makes the following day when I do wear some, even more fun because I’ve had a little break.

  5. Great series, Amanda!

    I do a few things differently as I age because I want to look my best. One thing that’s still the same is bright colours – they make me look healthy & alive, whereas pastels, neutrals & muted tones make me look unwell.

  6. It all depends on the products that you use but it is a BIG YES from me Amanda Ramsay! I’ve got not time for rules and sometimes following rules can make you look older.
    In saying that I have a really grippy BB shadow that isn’t my friend but in another BB palette the shimmer is beautiful and light in texture.

  7. Thanks so much BH for your Article on the 3 Cliche Makeup Tips by Amanda Ramsay love it that age has nothing to do with wearing lovely Eyeshadows including Shimmery as well.

  8. Ha. I turned 58 a couple months ago and today I am rocking a chocolate brown smokey eye and shimmery highlighter and I feel fabulous. I think makeup should be fun. Who decided that we can’t have fun past 40 or 50 or 60+? I love to experiment with colour and glitter and all the fun stuff. I say throw out the rules and do what makes you happy. Why blend in when you can be loud?!

  9. Too many rules in the rest of our lives, don’t need any more! I would like there to be a rule though that when you hit, say, 40 you become an instant expert make up artist.

  10. At 37 I certainly can’t get away with what I used to do in my 20’s, just doesn’t suit. I’m late 30’s going on 50’s here haha. I find most products don’t suit me anymore

  11. There’s no way you’re 49! You look great! But have to agree as someone over 50 myself that there are too many don’ts. Everyone’s face and skin and colouring is different and so you can’t generalise. I think non-neutral eye-shadows are fine – as are shimmers. If you have crepey upper eyes then keep brighter colours and shimmers on the lid itself and dust a neutral matte colour in the upper eye area. Smokey eyes are fine if you are quite precise and use a good eye primer to keep things in place – smudgy eye-makeup is more forgiving on the young!

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