The makeup look you need to rock this Christmas based on your favourite holiday movie

The makeup look you need to rock this Christmas based on your favourite holiday movie

Ask any self-respecting Christmas lover what they’re doing over the holidays and their response will probably sound like a list of the best Christmas movies rather than an actual itinerary.

Because as any Elf diehard or Love Actually devotee knows, you have to make the most of December with multiple screenings; it just feels wrong watching them during any other month.

And while peeling yourself off the lounge to attend a sparkly silly season soiree may also feel wrong, we’ve come up with a way to bring your favourite Christmas characters along with you that will feel extremely right.

Whatever your favourite festive film, we have a holiday-friendly makeup look for you – and hey, why not watch along while you get ready? Win win.

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If you love… How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Allow us to introduce ‘Whoville chic’. Grinch green obviously reigns supreme in this look, enhanced by a pop of pink and sleek strands. Because let’s be real, if you spent the hours to create this bonding with your blending brushes, you’ll want everyone else’s eyes on yours. Our heart just grew three sizes – perfection.

If you love… Elf

If you get past the whole ‘bragging about how he knows Santa’ thing, you’ll notice that Buddy the Elf is actually a fashion icon. This festive delight is probably as close to pulling off his green-and-gold elf outfit as we’ll ever get though. Lucky it’s lit.

If you love… It’s A Wonderful Life

A classic for a classic. This Old-Hollywood vibe looks straight out of the 1940s, and shimmery lids, fluttery lashes and crimson kissers are Christmas staples for a reason. The fact that the combo of all three makes you look like the film’s guardian angel doesn’t hurt either.

If you love… The Santa Clause 3

Okay, all three movies are obviously winners, but if referencing Jack Frost means we can rock this icy periwinkle eye, we’ll totally pretend #3 is our favourite. Because while we are digging Jack’s vibe, we think the colour upkeep of baby blue locks may be too much to manage over the holidays.

If you love… Four Christmases

The pink shadow, the winged liner, the red lip, the voluminous locks, there is a lot going on here. But think of it as an element for every Christmas Brad and Kate have to visit, and just like in the movie, the madness is what makes it so good.

If you love… Love Actually

An iridescent lilac smokey eye for the holidays is like a lobster in a Christmas play – it may be unexpected, but damn it’s fun. And while our disdain for the ho-ho-homewrecker Mia runs deep, so does our appreciation for the red lip she rocked while dressed in that all-too-fitting devil costume…

If you love… The Holiday

Iris and Amanda were both about natural glowy looks in the film, and well, this is as natural as a beauty junkie can get. And while yes, we’re doing it to make ourselves feel good, we wouldn’t hate if a Jude Law lookalike happened to notice.

If you love… Just Friends

What do Chris Brander’s affections for Jamie Palamino and Elsa Hosk’s hair part have in common, you ask? They’ve both been pushed to the side. The bobby-pinned bangs have a fittingly 00s vibe, but we’d like to think Samantha James would be all about a powder-finish power pout in 2019.

If you love… Fred Claus

Trying to steal the spotlight from your saint-like sibling like Fred this Christmas? This glittery gold should do the trick, even if they are Santa Claus. After all, we stand by the fact that nailing two even liquid liner wings is even harder than delivering presents to every kid in the world in one night. Take that, Saint Nick.

If you love… Christmas With The Kranks

Luther and Nora may never have made it to their Carribean cruise, but this summery sunset eye will make it look like you definitely did. And while we’re not suggesting you visit the dodgy tanning salon they went to, we are saying the hue looks great against a golden glow.

Which Christmas movie is your favourite? Do you have a signature Christmas makeup look?

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