Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

There’s one in every family or every friendship group: the girl who has it all, the girl who’s obsessed with the latest fad, the don’t buy me anything (but if you really don’t buy me anything I’ll never forgive you) gal…jeez, it’s enough to give a girl a headache just thinking about this Christmas gift lark.
But that’s where we come in, we’ve scoured the shelves, grilled the gurus and come up with the ultimate gift guide for every occasion.

What to buy: The girl who has EVERYTHING

The hardest of the bunch: what does one buy someone who doesn’t want for anything? A tricky phenomenon indeed. Thankfully, these goodies are sooo good that they’ll win anyone and everyone over:

MAC Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes
She may have everything, but you can bet your bottom dollar than she hasn’t got a compact made of red snakeskin-embossed metal with a lavish faux jewel. No we didn’t think so; so snap up this limited edition eyeshadow compact – we’re in lust with the moss green.

Too Faced World Domination Tour – All Access Backstage Beauty Collection
Oh. My. God. That was all we could say when this pretty as a princess product landed in the beautyheaven offices. Surely it was too much to ask for a full working music box complete with every type of make-up you could possibly ask for? No ladies…your dreams really have come true.

Stocking filler:Burt’s Bees Mini Lip Gloss Trio
Because a girl can never have too many lip glosses…

The eco princess

It’s not enough to just buy the golden (or should that be green?) girls of the planet something that contains a plant or two, oh no. There’s no reason why eco princesses can’t look tip-top without harming the environment. To impress a green queen we recommend:

Juice Beauty Organics to Go
This little beauty (pun intended) has everything a pure princess needs and at under $60 a pop, it’s a fun, fresh (and frugal) way to go green.

Grown Hand Cream
This newbie’s a keeper. The gorgeously scented vanilla and orange peel moisturiser contains countless bioactive ingredients to fight free radical damage using the power of nature.

Stocking filler:Lush Pud
Looks like a pudding, smells like a pudding, will have you feeling like a pudding (we jest). Its soothing rose and benzoin essential oils will have you tip top after the party season in no time.

The luxe lover

Eek, we can hear the dollar signs racking up in your head. Take a deep breath and don’t panic. The best thing about luxe is it doesn’t always have to be uber-expensive. We think we’ve excelled ourselves with some purse-friendly (under $200) luxuries to impress. Honestly, anyone would think there’s a recession going on or something.

Chloé Eau de Parfum Perfumed Body Cream
Any luxe lover will jump at the chance to drench her skin in this gloriously rich, velvety moisturiser that’s directly inspired by Chloé Eau de Parfum.

Estée Lauder Pure White Linen Holiday Star
These stunning, limited edition solid perfume compacts were unveiled in 1967 and 41 years on they still don’t disappoint. The star is pretty and practical (ish) but it’s Christmas – the one time we don’t have to justify our love for luxe.

Stocking filler: In her world, there is no such thing as stocking fillers! But Yves Saint Laurent The Bow Collection Duo Lip Colour Palette charmed the pants off us: it sure is one double duty (lip palette by day, charm by night) beauty cutie.

The vintage vixen

These girls won’t be wowed by just any ‘old’ thing, no siree. They like their winter wonderland to be wacky, kooky, individual, original…you get the picture. So snap up these bits and bobs to bowl her over:

L’Occitane Mini Pomander
Channel your inner medieval ma’am with L’Occitane Mini Pomander. The lords and ladies of Provençe hung them from their necks (supposedly they warded off evil) but you’ll be able to top it up with your favourite EDP.

Bourjois Vintage Collection Gift Set
This killer old school collection will satisfy all vintage lovers out there. Adorned with designs from the 19th and 20th century, the blush and two eyeshadow set looks and smells divine. You’ll go potty without it!

Stocking filler: Elite Large Powder Puff
This cheap treat is equal mounts boudoiry and grandma-chic, you’ll even be left with change from $5!

The no-frills girl

The no-frills girl will most certainly not be bowled over with pretty packaging alone. She wants something that works and doesn’t cost a bomb. These will be right up her alley:

Clinique Eye Favourites
This set has everything you could possible need for pretty peepers 24/7. It’s worth it alone for the gorgeous, limited edition, dual-ended Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes but the fact that you’ll have change from fifty bucks is what tips us over.

Dr. LeWinn’s Lineless Essentials
This kit is perfect for anyone looking for firmer, smoother, younger looking skin (so all of us then). Packaged up all ready for Christmas, you’ll save yourself a whopping $108.93!

Stocking filler:Ciao Bella Travel In-Flight Clear Travel Pocket
A snip at just $3.95, this transparent, zip lock bag complies with all on-flight liquid regulations. Very handy indeed.

Let’s hear it for the boys

Because they don’t get much all year round (so they’d have us believe) let’s spoil them this Christmas with these goodies (remember, it’s us who’ll benefit in the end when he goes from eww to Hugh in no time).

QV Man Starter Pack
If you’re unsure where to start this Christmas, might we suggest this beautyheaven fave? Containing four essentials and at under $20 you’ll be laughing!

Sanctum Certified Organic Skincare Men’s Essentials
For the friendly green giant in your life, this is an ideal travel companion. It contains some of the most raved about products in the pure, certified organic range.

Stocking Filler:Anatomicals Well I Wood If You Wood
This sandalwood shower gel from the funny brand created by two bored brothers, Anatomicals, is sure to be a hit.

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