Beauty wishes

Beauty wishes

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas in the beauty world. Yes, Christmas. In August. Crazy huh? The year does seem to be flying by but I’m still surprised by beauty brands wanting to talk about their special Christmas offers so early.

Just this week I’ve been to two events showcasing special Christmas releases. Lush threw a very festive event at the Sydney Botanic Gardens – complete with pine trees, faux snow and more bath bombs than Santa’s elves could ever make. Kit Cosmetics meanwhile took a low-key approach. Gingerbread and lots of red decorations were enough to get the message across.

Anyway, it might seem spectacularly early but the monthly glossy magazines are already planning their November and December issues. Here at beautyheaven we’re always looking for the next big thing so naturally we went along too.

Let me tell you now, there are some very cute beauty treats – metallic liner is going to be big – you’ll want to put this at the top of your wish list. Oh, and buy for other people too of course. In fact, thinking about Christmas made me want to write a wish list of beauty products I’d like some genius to invent.

How about an automatic hair-washing device that you put on like a motorcycle helmet? You’d only need to wear it for five minutes and in that time it would shampoo, condition and detangle hair. Maybe it could even dry it too, now that I think about it?

And what about an eye make-up stamp that you press onto the eyelid to deliver a full application of shadow and liner. To both eyes simultaneously. Flawlessly and in whatever colours you dial up.

That’s not too much to ask is it? At least Santa has plenty of notice.

What’s on your beauty wish list? 

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