Every product Chloe Morello uses to achieve her signature ‘OTT glow’


Beauty queen Chloe Morello is no stranger to a radiant look, but when she posted a teaser for an upcoming video to her instagram with the caption “what would happen if you put too much glow on? Asking for a friend…”, accompanied by the following photo, we knew we needed to know everything she used to get that luminous:

Image credit: @chloemorello

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So if you’re as curious as we were, we’ve put together the ten steps Chloe used for her ‘OTT glow’ (or, as we’re calling it, GLO-TT’) 

Step 1: Skin prep with Fresh

Every good glowy makeup look starts with healthy and luminous skin, which Chloe achieved using a few different products from the Fresh skincare range. 

bh loves: Fresh Rose Floral Toner ($59), Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence ($108), Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer With Multi-Action Super Lotus ($72), Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream with Multi-Action Super Lotus ($64).

Step 2: Prime

It might seem counter-productive, but a matte primer not only helps to create a smooth base, but it will help your dewier makeup products last longer – especially if your skin is on the oily side. 

Chloe used the Smith & Cult BLACKDROP Mattifying Face Primer ($49, adorebeauty.com.au) to brighten and mattify before she started her makeup. 

Step 3: Luminous foundation

Using NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation ($75, mecca.com.au), and a damp beautyblender ($30, sephora.com.au), Chloe buffs a couple of pumps of foundation into her face and down her neck. 

Step 4: Brush up and set brows

Keeping the brows simple, Chloe skips any stencilling and  instead, brushes them up with Benefit Gimme Brow+ to add some voluminous shape and definition. 

Step 5: Bronze smokey eye

Using just one palette, the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette Gorgeous, Glowing Beauty ($99, charlottetilbury.com/au), Chloe creates a bronzey, glittery smokey eye that works perfectly with her radiant base. 

Step 6: Smoked out liner and curled lashes

With a thick black wing too stark for such a glowy look,  Chloe opts for some smoked out brown liner along her lash line for subtle definition instead. The product used? NARS Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner ($37, mecca.com.au). 

She follows this with a couple of coats of NARS Climax Mascara ($37, mecca.com.au), but not before she curls her lashes for some added lift. 

Step 7: Natural looking falsies

Using a pair of falsies from her Eylure collection, Eylure x Chloe Morello – Milano, Chloe adds some natural-looking volume to her lashes. 

Step 8: Contour, highlight and blush

In order to make sure powder doesn’t ruin the radiance she has going, Chloe opts for cream formulas for her concealer, bronzer and and blush.

Using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($46, mecca.com.au), she goes in under her eyes and across her chin, dabbing it seamlessly into her skin with a damp beautyblender. 

Then, in the hollows of her cheeks, forehead and under her chin, Chloe uses Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick ($50, sephora.com.au) to create shade and definition, blending the product in with a small buffing brush. 

On the apples of her cheeks and up towards her cheekbones, she uses NARS The Multiple ($60, mecca.com.au) in Orgasm for a luminous-looking flush.  

Step 9: Natural, plump lips

Chloe preps her pout before colour, using the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Mint Rush Refreshing ($32, sephora.com.au) to gently remove any dead skin. 

Her lip product of choice is a plumping gloss, with a (you guessed it) a super-glowy finish. The Buxom one she used is not available in Australia, but Dior Lip Maximiser ($52, sephora.com.au) is a fab dupe. 

Step 10: Set everything into place

All of these steps would be pointless if the glow were to melt away within a couple of hours. So to make sure hers lasts all day long, Chloe douses her face with a generous misting of M.A.C Perp+ Prime Fix+.

Then, while that’s still damp on her skin, she lightly brushes Laura Mercier Transulcent Loose Setting Powder ($60, mecca.com.au) in all the places she applied concealer. After all, that’s the places we all want our makeup to stay put. 

Main image credit: @chloemorello Is this too glowy for you? Or just glowy enough?

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  1. Try not to look to glowy or illuminated especially
    with my makeup at least not for a more mature woman, try to tone it down quite a bit, have never heard of Chloe Morello but she is very beautiful.

  2. Ive followed Chloe right from the start. Im friends with her Mum and I remember her asking em to please follow her and to help her out in getting followers. Now she needs no help at all ….go Chloe 😀

  3. Way to many products for the lay man in my opinion, but I so agree good skincare is the foundation for the healthy glowing skin. Also a fan of Mac prep and prime though I tend to use it before I put my tinted moisturiser on if I am wanting more of a glow day. Also a good prepping glowing sheet mask like the glow mask from Garnier

  4. I like a dewy, luminous look myself, but I agree that it can stray into greasy territory if you're not careful. This might be a little too much glow for me personally, but each to their own. I do agree that good skincare prep is important pre-makeup.

  5. I have watched this girl from her humble beginnings on Youtube to now. She is awsome and still down to earth even though she is huge all over the world. Go Chloe !!!

  6. As someone with dry and mature skin, I rarely use face powder. I prefer to use a self-setting foundation. However, I recently bought a mini size version of Laura Mercier's Translucent Setting Powder to see why it is so highly recommended by people.

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