How to get better results from your drugstore makeup


Who doesn’t love a bargain buy?

Mick Jagger should try scoring a lippy for just $2 or an entire eyeshadow palette for $10, then he’d really know the meaning of satisfaction.

Granted, some budget beauty products don’t always perform as well as high-end versions (der), but when you know all the tricks to get them to behave, it hardly matters. Here’s how to hack your drugstore make-up.

#1 Wet your eyeshadow brush

Using a damp eye brush can help to bring out the pigment of eyeshadow. Just be careful not to add too much moisture to your palette, as it can cause it to crease and crumble. An easy alternative is to dip your dry brush into your shadow first and then use a spray bottle or something like Clarins Fix’ Make-Up Mist to add moisture.

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#2 Create a white base

You can also try applying a white pencil across your eyelid to make any colours you layer on top appear richer and brighter. Try:Sormé Smearproof Eye Liner in White and NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

#3 Make heat your hero

Warming up your beauty products can work wonders. Mascara tube dry and clumpy? Pop the encased tube into a hot mug of water for a minute to soften the formula. Eyelash curler not doing the trick? Use a hairdryer to heat it up before you use it. Eyeliner tugging and dragging? Soften the pencil with a candle flame or lighter.

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#4 Use invisible lip liner

The downside to that super-cheap lippy in your favourite shade? It bleeds and feathers. But when you have an invisible lip liner like Australis Secret Agent Invisible Lip Liner or Designer Brands Invisible Lip Liner, the problem is easily solved (and can be used for any other shades you may have purchased at the same sale…).

#5 Dust translucent powder on your lashes

If your mascara isn’t giving you enough volume, dust some translucent powder or baby powder over your lashes before applying. Va-va voom!

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#6 Use a clean spoolie over your mascara

Or if you’re having the opposite problem and your mascara is clump city (population: you), go over your lashes with a clean spoolie to even out the formula and remove clumps. But be speedy! This only works while it’s wet.

#7 Go over your liner with eyeshadow

If the staying power of your liner is as weak as your willpower at Sephora, try adding a layer of black shadow over the top. Use an angle eye brush for precision and gently pat the shadow over your line. It will add extra staying power and help to prevent smudging.

Do you know any other hacks to improve budget make-up? Have you tried any of the above before?

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  1. Great tips! I never would have thought of them. To thicken up or to make my eye brows fuller, I apply dark brown eye shadow over them. I unfortunately spent my teen years plucking my brows because you know… it was trendy. If only I could go back. But I might try wetting the brush then apply to my brows and see how it goes

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