Inside beautyheaven: thrifty thrills

Inside beautyheaven: thrifty thrills

It’s official: cheap is chic. As we’re facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, it’s time to roll like a recessionista and get your thrift on. So join us in getting some cheap thrills this week.

As real gold is a little, ahem, on the short side for most of us, we’re stocking up on these golden beauties – you’ll feel like a Bond girl in no time. Shaken, not stir-rred (I wish I could roll my r’s).

And who better to share a thrifty thought or two than you lot? You’re out there sampling the best of the bargains everyday after all, so check out what you voted as the top 15 products under $25

And what about this for a debate: say you were given heaps of cash (a girl can only wish, right?), would you splurge on one uber-luxe product (I believe it has to be good if it’s out of your everyday price range) or get super cheap treats throughout the year? It’s a toughie. What would you pick out of this lot for example? I’m still deciding.

We also have a beauty trail (so you can get a little bit of luxe for nothing if you’re lucky) andsome fabulous discount offers for ALL. Doesn’t it feel like Christmas has come early?

So stay tuned folks and have yourself a bargainous day!

What thrifty thrills have you been snapping up recently?

Top left image: Liz Ham photography

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