What celebrities look like without their signature look


After seeing how different Adele looks without her signature eyeliner, it had us wondering what other celebrities look like when they forgo their favoured beauty look.

Similarly, most of us have a signature lip colour, eye look, or hairstyle that we consider our forte, so you may find some inspiration to change things up for yourself…

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Taylor Swift = Cat eye and red lip

Back in 2010, the singer tweeted, “I just used a Sharpie as eyeliner in an airplane bathroom,” which showed just how unwilling she is to go without it. Similarly, the 26-year-old is hardly ever seen without a perfect red pout, and if you look really closely at a photo she posted on Instagram, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl was (and possibly still is) her colour of choice ($39, mecca.com.au).

So when Wonderland Magazine released its 2014 November issue with a bronzed, neutral and bolder brow version of Tay Tay, almost everyone did a double take. There are two things to take from her transformation: one, never underestimate the power of brows and two, brown and bronze shades make blue eyes pop!

Blake Lively = Blonde hair

Blake has given us blonde hair envy since her Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants days. And even though we probably wouldn’t try her at-home mayonaise trick, when she said L’Oréal’s Fibralogy is what she uses to keep her hair “thick and full and healthy”, we damn well listened.

But when Blake landed the role of Carol Ferris, (alongside hubby-to-be Ryan Reynolds) for Green Lantern, she traded in her signature blonde for a ravishing red. Hair colourist expert Christophe Robin offers this simple advice for those considering red hair, “The darker your skin tone, the darker the red hair color should be.” So if you’re more olive in skin tone, look towards more brown-reds like copper and ginger, whereas fair skin tones tend to suit richer reds or strawberry blonde.

Selena Gomez = Brown eyed, brunette bombshell

The Hispanic singer has become a muse for all brunette and brown-eyed beauties, hardly stepping a foot wrong when it comes to her make-up looks. She’s always drawing attention to her big brown peepers with the perfect liquid liner, and like most 24-year-olds, has admitted she’s obsessed with the Urban Decay Naked Palettes for creating smouldering eyeshadow looks.

So by simply popping in some blue contacts at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret show, Selena looked vastly different. Leaving her lips nude and popping on loads of lashes, her faux baby blues were the focus of her look and had us all wanting to play around with our eye colour. She must have enjoyed the change too, because she’s since tried her hand (or eyes) at green and hazel contacts.

Avril Lavigne = Rock chick with black eyeliner

We all had a rock chick phase, but Avril has been committed to the look for years, hardly ever being spotted without a rim of black around her eye. M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Kohl in Smoulder is her go-to, telling Allure, “I wear the black eyeliner—M.A.C. Smolder—pretty much every day. I do it when I’m just at home.”

And it was actually Allure who convinced Avril to participate in a ‘make under’ and the photoshoot was one of the first times we saw the singer without eyeliner. Since then, she’s opted for a softer eye look on some red carpets, but her heavily lined eyes will always be her signature. If you’re looking to soften your own liner look, makeup guru Bobbi Brown says a good trick “is to line your eyes all around with a dark powder eye shadow applied with an eyeliner brush.”

bh recommends:Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Chocolate Mauve, Eco Tools Eyeliner Brush.

Gwen Stefani = Red lip

When you think of Gwen Stefani, you think platinum blonde hair and a red lip. The 46-year-old can rock a red pout better than those half her age. She even recently told PEOPLE, “I am working on some lipsticks, this red I’m wearing right now is a prototype”. HELL YES.

But every now and then, Gwen forgoes her red lip for something more neutral and STILL looks amazing. Probably because she actually defies age with her immaculate skin.

Kylie Jenner = Full face, always

Considering she’s the creator of her own makeup line, wearing a full face every day has become quite the norm for Kylie Jenner. After sharing her ‘daily’ routine on her Snapchat account, it’s not exactly BB cream, mascara and away she goes. The 19-year-old goes from eyeshadow, to brows, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, lip – well you get the idea.

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However, while on her recent birthday getaway she shared a rare makeup-free selfie, with her freckles taking centre stage. Granted she still had immaculate brows (presumably from tinting and shaping), luscious eyelash extensions and of course her plumped-up lips, but we’d love to see the au naturel side of Kylie more often.

Do you have a signature beauty look? How do you like to change up your makeup?

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