How Carrie Underwood gets camera-ready

How Carrie Underwood gets camera-ready

There’s no denying it – Carrie Underwood looks dayum gorgeous all the time. I’ve always had major hair envy for her, but the girl truly knows how to nail a smoky eye. And we all know that isn’t easy…

The country musician has revealed to PeopleStyle that she rarely goes barefaced, and prefers always wearing make-up, even if it’s only the basics. “I’ll always put make-up on, even if it’s just a little bit,” she says. “That’s a great thing about Almay – it’s build-able. You can use more for a more dramatic look or you can just make it easy and keep it fresh and simple. I’m an eye girl. I’ll always put on a little eyeshadow, a little liner and mascara and I’m good to go.”

While we’re all for going sans make-up (because really, who can be bothered putting on a full face every day), Carrie said that for her own confidence, she prefers to wear make-up in case she’s snapped when she’s out and about.

“If I’m going someplace, I always think, ‘Somebody’s going to see me and want to take a picture with me,’ which is really great, but I hate it when I see the pictures later when I wasn’t wearing any make-up at all,” she says. “So I’ll throw on a little bit – some foundation, a little bit of Smart Shade, maybe a little bronzer and mascara and I’ll be OK. I won’t feel bad about my pictures if I do that.”

We’re sure she looks beautiful without any make-up on whatsoever, but we totally get the confidence boost that comes with popping on just a little mascara. That’s the beauty of make-up, after all!

As for her biggest beauty blunders? “I was wearing make-up in the ‘90s so there were trends that I think are weird now,” she says. “I would wear blue eyeshadow that was very, very blue. It wasn’t about a pop of colour – it was just very blue. I did have a perm in there someplace, which I wouldn’t go back and do again.” Yep, we feel your pain, Carrie…

Do you prefer to wear make-up when you leave the house, or would you rather go bare faced? Have you tried any beauty trends that you now regret?

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