The best celebrity brow transformations

The best celebrity brow transformations

Never thought the shape and width of your brows really made that much of a difference to your face?

Well, they do. They really, really do. And just to prove it, I found some of the best celebrity brow transformations and asked Brow Expert Jazz Pampling to shed some light on why their brows have been changed for the better.

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Jazz’s tips for using your brows to accentuate your features:

“When you have features like fuller lips or beautiful stand-out cheekbones, a fuller brow will help create symmetry with these features, ” she says. If this is the type of brow you’re after, Jazz also recommends trying to grow your brows closer together and to be careful that you don’t allow the tail to drop down too much as this can actually drag down your eye shape.


As you can see, the ex-reality TV queen is sporting a much thicker brow and softer arch these days. Looks better, right?
According to Jazz: “The fuller brow helps to frame her face and facial features more – bringing overall balance to her face.”

Jazz’s tips for growing out thin eyebrows:

As we get older, our brows get thinner, so if this what your brows look like right now, it’s probably best to start growing your brows out as soon as possible. If your brows aren’t growing much on their own, try brow growth products and vitamins targeted towards hair, skin and nails. Be warned, though – brow growth serums need to be used continuously for about six months before you’ll notice a change.


Bet you didn’t realise Jen had such thin eyebrows a couple of years ago, did you? She’s now rocking a much wider brow that’s less angled and has a longer tail – which Jazz says works beautifully with her strong jaw line.

Jazz’s tips for balancing a strong jaw line:

If you also have a wide or strong jaw line, a soft arch like this will work better to compliment it and help balance your face. If you are currently sporting a high arch, be aware that it may take up to a year for your brows to fully thicken up, so have patience!


Isn’t it amazing how much a fuller brow can change a person’s face?

According to Jazz, the fuller brow and straighter line works for Jess because it’s helped to reduce that puffy look from her brow bone and has actually made her look younger.

Jazz’s tips for using your brows as an anti-ageing weapon:

A softer arch can help to not only balance a wide jaw line, but it can help make you look more youthful, too. Jazz says that, despite the popular belief that a high arch will lift your features, it is actually one of the most ageing shapes you can give your brow, and therefore your face.

Also, a straighter brow can help widen a long face. Jazz recommends, “If you want to wear a straighter brow, you can also look at shortening the tail to help the brow look straighter.”

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Jennifer Lopez has come a long way since the early 2000s – not just in terms of her career, but in her beauty choices, too. These days her brows are not only much fuller, but they start closer in, too.

According to Jazz, this combo has helped balance out the width of her nose and makes her eyes stand out more.

Drew Barrymore

Rivalling Kate Moss’ brows for the most ’90s’ of all face framers, Drew Barrymore’s skinny yet cheerful set thankfully re-sprouted over twenty years on, and the actress now boasts a much more full set. Unlike Kate, who still lives with the legacy of waif-like brows that have never grown back. 

Kylie Jenner

Bless Kylie, for she is largely responsible for the more recent obsession with the ‘Instagram brow’, that intricately shaped and intensely scultped set created with all manner of powders, waxes and concealer above and below. Not to mention the faded-in obmbre inner conner on each. Is it better than her former, more subtle pair? You tell us. 

Gwen Stefani

If, on encountering this 90s-era image of Gwen, you just did the eye-squint, face-scrunch reaction that’s the universal sign of “what the actual?!!…..” then we can relate. But Gwen’s style was major back then okay? So there’s likely others out there that shaved off their brows and drew them in entirely too thin and too dark. We can only hope they had a recovery similar to the above, because the singer may still rely on a pencil but at least it’s only to fill her chic, natural shape and ace those tapered-off ends. 

Meghan Markle

Meghan hasn’t even changed her brows that much since back in the day, she’s just made friends with the perfect shade of brow pencil, and potentially also had a tint to amplify all of the tiny hairs that are usually hard to see. 

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle has regained a slight amount of height to her brows, but that tail never recovered did it? All is clearly not lost, becasue she looks stunning still, and a bit of brow powder makes up for the taper that we can only see is missing hair from close up. 

Angelina Jolie

There’s nothing too trendy or overwhelming about the way Angelina’s brows have changed, she’s just put down the tweezers and let them grow in to a more natural soft curve. Claps to you Angie. 

Katy Perry

This miniscule set made a major recovery, clearly. It’s hard to tell if that’s just thanks to makeup, but the stronger shape works wonders framing Katy’s stunning baby blues. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim has always had enviable brows, the gal’s always known how to work her makeup and hair etc. Which is why her current look is so ‘now’. She’s had a major hand in influencing what we curently see as desirable, brows included. 

Reese Witherspoon

What we love about Reese’s ‘after’ shot is that her brows seem so effortlessly natural, which can’t be said for most A-list stars these days. The perfect colour for her skin and hair, just nicely brushed up and not over-plucked, becasue a few strays in the tail is totally desirable right now. 

Which is your favourite celebrity brow transformation? Which eyebrow shape do you think would work best for you?

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