Bag ladies

Bag ladies

Don’t you just love it when your make-up spills everywhere in your bag…

It’s so great that not only is your favourite MIMCO ruined but that every time you grab your keys/purse/bus ticket there’s always someone on hand to stare in horror that you did indeed intend to make your face as orange as said bag. When will they learn that my un-bronzed face is a sight far more terrifying to behold than the spillage of an entire bronzing compact?

Anyway, said nightmare situation happened AGAIN to me recently causing me to curse endlessly and vow never, ever to be on the receiving end of a smashed compact again. I have (rather proudly might I say) invested in quite possibly my most sensible purchase in a long time – a Borne Naked™ Liner.

For those of you not aware of them – all you need to know is that they will save you life (and bags). Picture the scene – Friday morning, you know you’re off out in the evening and decide to ditch the big sack in favour of a sexy clutch, you’re out the door in record time only to realise your keys and favourite lippy is back in the sack. Excellent. This (as well as annoying smashing compacts ruining bags) will never, ever happen if you snap up the amazing cheap (but very chic) Borne Naked™ Liner.

The clear handbag insert allows you to keep all your handbag essentials sorted – it has three separate pockets to divide bits and bobs and a zip fastener to stop them flying in all directions. Get one. You’d be a crazy bag lady not to.

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