Bond Girls Through The Years: Then And Now

Bond Girls Through The Years: Then And Now

Let’s face it. James Bond wouldn’t be 007 without the flurry of powerful, strong and extraordinarily beautiful women beside him (and sometimes unknowingly, against him). 

As much as we enjoy the action scenes, spectacular settings, expensive cars, and of course, the handsome British man in a suit, we’re mainly fans of the films because of the female leads and cameos, famed as the Bond girls.

So from love interests, to wives and undercover baddies, here are our favourite Bond girls through the years, both then and now.

Ursula Andress – Dr. No, 1962

Ursula (now 85) holds the prestigious title of being the first-ever Bond girl.

Eunice Gayson – Dr. No and From Russia With Love, 1962-63

The actress starred as the girlfriend of James Bond in two films. And Her daughter followed in her footsteps in 1995, with an extra role in Golden Eye

Daniela Bianchi – From Russia With Love, 1963

You might remember Daniela as Tatiana, the soviet army intelligence corporal. However, what you won’t remember is Daniela’s real voice. Due to her thick Italian accent, Daniela’s voice was dubbed during the film.

Honor Blackman – GoldFinger, 1964

Past experience with judo helped this iconic ‘60s blonde bombshell win over casting agents for the iconic role of Pussy Galore.

Tania Mallet – GoldFinger, 1964

Following a Vogue photoshoot that was spotted by a Bond producer, Tania went on to play the role of Tilly Masterson alongside Sean Connery.

Shirley Eaton – GoldFinger, 1964

You may remember her as the Bond girl who (spoiler) dies after being covered in gold. Well, at least she died in style.

Claudine Auger – Thunderball, 1965

The French actress Claudine, who came in second place at Miss World 1958, went on to play Dominique “Domino” Derval 

Martine Beswick – Thunderball, 1965

The English-Jamaican actress and model, Martine Beswick, portrayed James Bond’s assistant, Paula Caplan, in the film. 

Diana Rigg – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969

Diana Rigg once played the wife of James Bond before starring in Game Of Thrones as Lady Olenna.

Barbara Bach – The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977

Barbara Bach is a strong contender for our favourite Bond girl, after playing the Russian spy Amya Amasova. Aside from an impressive acting career, Barbara is also known for being the wife of The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, and for having some of the best hair during the 1970s.

Tanya Roberts – A View To Kill, 1985

In addition to her roles in Charlie’s Angels and That ‘70s Show, Tanya Roberts portrayed Bond girl, Stacey Sutton.

Grace Jones – A View To Kill, 1985

May Day, the bodyguard and lover of villain Max Zorin, was played by Jamaican singer and model Grace Jones.

Carey Lowell – License To Kill, 1989

The blue-eyed, brunette beauty played ex-CIA agent Pam Bouvier alongside Timothy Dalton.

Famke Janssen – GoldenEye, 1995

Before joining the X-Men cast, Famke played a murderer in the Bond films named Xenia Onatopp.

Michelle Yeoh – Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997

Before her starring roles in Crazy Rich Asians and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon AKA Michelle Yeoh played the love interest of James Bond 24 years ago.

Teri Hatcher – Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997

Before landing on Wisteria Lane, Teri played Paris Carver, the ex-girlfriend of James Bond who he’s trying to win back.

Denise Richards – The World Is Not Enough, 1999

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alumni once played a nuclear physicist named Dr Christmas Jones.

Halle Berry – Die Another Day, 2002

Halle debuted as a Bond girl opposite Pierce Brosnan, playing Jinx Johnson the NSA agent. 

Eva Green – Casino Royale, 2007

Yes, the Bond girl from that elevator scene. Did James Bond ever recover? Eventually, yes. Will we? Unlikely.

Olga Kurylenko – The Quantum Of Solace, 2008

In preparation to play Bolivian secret agent Camille Montes, actress Olga Kurylenko revealed she took fight scene inspiration from fellow Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh.

Monica Bellucci – Spectre, 2015

Playing Lucia Sciarra at 50- years- old, Monica became the ‘oldest ever’ Bond girl. Speaking to The Sunday Times, she said: “There is this thing in America where actresses reach 40 and go mad.True sexiness is in the mind, the imagination, not in the age of the body”. But also, looking like Monica Bellucci doesn’t hurt either.

Léa Seydoux – Spectre, 2015 and No Time To Die, 2021

After debuting as Madeleine Swann in her first Bond film, Léa Seydoux reprised the role for Daniel Craig’s final Bond film.

Which Bond girl is your favourite?

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  1. Interesting that some of these actresses went on to star in lots of other movies and/or tv shows and some were never seen again. Ursula and that bikini are pretty famous and I think Ursula is No Derek’s mum.

      • I’m not sure if I have a article shows that hey are all still beautiful woman. I think it’s great that there’s been a nice range of women. They’re not all the same type ie: Tall, leggy brunettes. I never knew Terry Hatcher was a Bond girl. I think it would be interesting to see a bit more diversity in the people playing James Bond.

    • Forgot to also mention when my sister and I were in primary school we had the 007 Golden Eye game on our Nintendo 64 and since then this has become my favourite Bond movie. I love all the Pierce Brosnan ones.

  2. I was scrolling through, waiting to get to Britt Ekland, but she wasn’t there. She was so beautiful in the 70s.

    I love Eva Green in everything! I didn’t realise Dianna Rigg was a Bond girl – I loved her in The Avengers. Grace Jones & Michelle Yeoh are always strong characters.

  3. A fabulous selection of Bond girls but one of my favourites is missing which is Kara from The Living Daylights. Another favourite is Olga (Camille). Perhaps favourites as they seemed to be in more realistic roles than fantasy ones and a bit more relatable.

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