How to mix up your make-up look

How to mix up your make-up look

It’s easy to fall into a make-up rut. The same blush, same lip colour and a sweep of that same old eyeliner over the lids of your eyes. Sure, it works for you – but change is as good as a holiday. So, whenever you’re bored of your look, or just aren’t feeling like yourself, why not mix it up with one of these make-up ideas?

#1 Rock a bold combo

Source: @vanessahudgens Instagram

Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. A bold lip paired with a dramatic eye can look amazing, but you have to do it right. Our advice? Keep it classic. Vanessa Hudgens hit the nail on the head here, with lots of lashes, smoky lids and a deep red lip.

#2 Use lip liner on your lids

A bright, daring eye can spruce up an otherwise average make-up look like nothing else. If you’re stuck for ideas, turn to your lips for inspiration – lip liners tend to come in far bolder colours than eyeliners do. The Chi Chi Stay On Lipliner has plenty of options on offer. From berry to fuschia pink and bright orange, these hues will make your lips pop – and your lids, too!

#3 Amp up your eyeshadow

To take your eyeshadow to the next level, add a little water. By doing so, you’ll create a more vibrant shade, and draw attention to your eyes. Be sure to lightly mist your brush and not the actual eyeshadow, and when applying, remember that less is more!

#4 Copy a celebrity

Source: @kimkardashian Instagram

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s contouring, Cara Delevigne’s bold brows or Rihanna’s candy coloured lips, recreating a look you’ve been lusting over will make you look and feel anything but boring. We recommend searching for make-up tutorials – step-by-step guides always help!

#5 Swap blush for lippie

When popped on the cheeks, coral, pink and red lipsticks are brilliant for giving you that natural flush we all know and love. If you’re sick of your everyday blush, blot your favourite lipstick on the apples of your cheeks instead. Use your fingers to work the colour across your cheekbones, and finish with a quick sweep of your blush brush (sans product) to really blend it in.  

#6 Give 3D lips a go

Not for the wallflowers, ‘3D’ lips certainly make an impact. We’re fans of the sprinkle effect, as it reminds us of fairy bread (obsessed with food? Us? Never). Try it for yourself with a high-shine gloss – we like Nude by Nature Mineral Lipgloss – and sprinkles. Your lips will look good enough to eat – literally!

Would you try any of these bold make-up looks? Do you think you’re stuck in a rut?

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