Bobbi Brown Has Gone Viral On TikTok For Her Advice On Nose Contouring

Bobbi Brown Has Gone Viral On TikTok For Her Advice On Nose Contouring

Despite adapting to the times by sharing her makeup tips via TikTok, Bobbi Brown has never wavered from her belief that makeup should be used to highlight our features rather than cover up flaws.

In a recent TikTok that has since garnered over 600,000 views, Bobbi responded to a follower asking how to contour her nose (in other words, apply shading techniques to make it appear straighter and narrower). 

“Contouring my nose has always been a struggle. Please help!” asked one of her 118k followers. But instead of sharing suggestions as to which product to use or what areas to target,  Bobbi shut the door on the technique entirely. 

“Why would you want to contour your nose?” she responded. “I think your natural face is the most beautiful face. It’s about being comfortable in your skin, it’s about being confident.”

Providing insight into her own personal experience, Bobbi shared: “When I was a kid my mother offered me a nose job, clearly I didn’t get it. I embrace who I am, I want everyone to embrace who you are and use makeup to just make you feel better about yourself. Just give yourself a glow. Stop contouring your nose, you don’t need it.”

According to the comments section, Bobbi’s followers have been longing for advice like this. Followers wrote: “If Bobbi Brown says I don’t need to contour my nose then I am FREE!” and labelled the makeup artist a “breath of fresh air” and the “queen of natural beauty”.

And while we love her advice too, if you do like to contour your nose, that’s also A-OK. The way we see it, it’s your face, so it’s your rules. Do what makes you happy!

Do you contour your nose? Do you feel more confident with or without?

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  1. Nope, see no need for it. I do have naturally “contoured” face, long and bony. Find also when seeing people who wear countoured face, it is so obvious and on day light looks weird.

  2. Yes I have tried Contouring my Nose at times but it doesn’t always look very good. But I might take Bobbi Browns advice regarding not contouring your nose just give my Face a glow.

  3. This was an unexpected response by an MUA – but good on her!

    My nose is just a little bigger than I’d like. I tried contouring a few times. It made a small improvement, but it’s too much bother. Maybe for my driver’s license photo?

    I only contour under my chin. It shortens my long, narrow face.

  4. I have suffered pretty much all my life with a “not so perfect” nose. I agree with Bobbi but i must admit i found a perfect nose hack that just involves a bronzer, slim makeup brush and it gives me a little more confidence with my appearance.

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