Bobbi Brown’s two-tone concealer hack for brighter under eyes


Bobbi Brown started no-makeup makeup before it was even a thing. 

Working as a makeup artist since the 80s, Bobbi always found models to look better in the barefaced state, rather than fully ‘done up’. From this realisation, she started focusing on her signature style ‘you but better’ makeup, as she taught women techniques and colour tricks to accentuate, rather than mask, their natural beauty. 

So when recently talking to the Goop Beauty Closet podcast, it really came as no surprise to hear Bobbi say she has a huge dislike for contouring and highlighting.

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“Rather than contour your nose because you dislike the shape, I’ll enhance your best features, and play up the eyes,” she said.

Also not a huge fan of foundation, Bobbi prefers to seek the help of concealer,  used sparingly, mainly to camouflage dark circles and the occassional red nose.

In an approach that works for all skin tones, Bobbi recommends taking two concealer shades, rather than one, when tackling the under eye area.

The first concealer should be one shade lighter than the darkest part of your eye, which for most is the inner corner. And it is only to be used to brighten this small inner area. 

The second concealer is to be one shade lighter than your skin, to use on top of the already concealed inner corner and then blended out, concealing the entire under eye area.

The result is a more natural, seamlesslessly blended and brighter under eye. Genius.

Main image credit: @shaymitchell

Have you tried this concealer trick before? Will you give it a go?

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  1. Too much makeup is not my thing. Just a minuscule touch of becca brightener placed on blue part of the inner eye area, translucent powder all over tinted Zn spf50 do the trick for me.

  2. I discovered that under-eye concealer trick last year and have never looked back!
    I also use an orange/apricot colour correcting concealer if my circles are looking especially dark that day.

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