The RMS Beauty Founder Reveals The One Part Of Your Face You Should “Never” Place Blush

The RMS Beauty Founder Reveals The One Part Of Your Face You Should “Never” Place Blush

It’s the same story across every field. Execution and technique are just as (if not more) important than the tools you have at hand. If you were to pass us the same ingredients and saucepan as Gordan Ramsay, we can guarantee you would not end up with an identical dinner. Using the same tennis racquet as Serena Williams won’t deliver the same backhand. Makeup, and particularly blush, is no different. Even though you have the identical shade as Kate Bosworth or the exact formula Sarah Jessica Parker swears by, if your technique (and specifically your placement) is off, you’re going to achieve an entirely different result.

Where should we place our blush?

Most top makeup artists will tell you that blush placement involves a lot more than just “dabbing powder onto your cheeks.” Let us explain. If you want to create lift, place your blush just above your cheekbones. For added fullness? Aim for the same spot you’d apply your bronzer or cheek contour. If it’s a sun-kissed look you fancy, wash your blush across the tops of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. And no, we’re not done. With the correct positioning, blush can even shorten the width of your face. How, you ask? By taking the focus away from the apples of the cheeks and placing it on the outer edges of your cheekbones.

Where shouldn’t we?

Now that we’ve got all of the can-dos out of the way, Rosie-Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty wants to draw our attention to one blush placement can-not. “Never place blush below the nostrils,” she advised to Net-A-Porter. “It creates the ‘puppy-dog’ jowl and visually drags the face down. We want to lift the face, not pull it down.”

No disrespect to the puppies out there, but we’re not overly eager to steal their look. So if you see us with a blush in our hands, you best believe it’ll only be going from the nostrils up.

How do you apply your blush? Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Both of the images in this article show blush below the nostrils! Kate Bosworth’s extend almost to her lipline, yet it looks subtle & natural.

    I often skip blush or only apply a tiny, light dab, as I have a very narrow, long face. I often put a little just below my chin & jawline to shorten my face & it works.

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