Get cheeky

Get cheeky

Mascara, foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow, we’ve covered them all in bh this week. So surely we should spare a thought for how to turn into blushing beauties as the weekend approaches.

Has anyone else noticed how the current supermodel revival is coinciding with a return to obvious, sculpted cheekbones? Hello, 1990! It may not be everyone’s preferred look, but at least it can slim the faces and enhance the bone structure of mere mortals. And it’s definitely more sophisticated than the rosy pink and red cheek apples that have been on-trend for so long now.

But finding a balance between razor sharp and that nasty bar of blusher the Simply Irresistible backing singers wore all those years ago takes skill. First, find your cheekbones. Really. Touch them so you know exactly where they are. Found them? They’re actually more horizontal than you might have thought.

Then rummage in your make-up kit for one of those cheek palettes with a few colours. You’ll need at least one fleshy neutral slightly darker than your base and another that’s lighter. With four shades, Cargo Cosmetics Beach Blush is ideal. A clean blusher brush cut on an angle helps too. No point in trying a new look if the brush is loaded up with your usual colour.

Now you’re sorted, the idea is to apply the darkest shade right on the bone and slightly underneath. Done softly using the side of the brush, it gives a sense of depth to the face. Next load the tip of the brush with the lighter shade and gently pat it along the top of the cheekbone for contrast. That makes the angle of the bones more obvious.

The next step is blending. I find swirling motions help mix the shades but again, tread lightly. In fact, the softly softly approach is exactly why blushed-up cheekbones look modern. If you find yourself running that brush back and forth over the palette and repeating the pattern on your face it’s time to load some Robert Palmer on to your iPod.

How will you be wearing blush this weekend? 

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