BlogStar entry: review – Max Factor Age Renew Foundation

BlogStar entry: review – Max Factor Age Renew Foundation

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We know we all want it. Women and men, the young and the not-so-young, all searching for that ultimate holy grail: the fountain of youth – or at the very least a product that says to the world we look so good we don’t need it anyway! Unfortunately, too often we are led astray with slick marketing, enhanced advertising and false promises. Now it seems Max Factor has delivered on much of what they claim their most recent creation, Age Renew Foundation, can do.

Although the Benjamin Button-like suggestion that it ‘instantly reverses the years’ is what they refer to in the game of promotion as puff (you will not reclaim your youth faster than Brad Pitt on a motorcycle!), the foundation being touted as the next big thing in anti-ageing certainly has all the right stuff.

In particular, Age Renew is silky smooth to apply and offers a uniform coverage that does indeed diminish the appearance of fine lines as well as effectively concealing both shadowing and blemishes. The overall result is an even, healthy-looking skin tone and yes, if nothing else, the appearance of a moderately more youthful complexion.  Hallelujah!

Max Factor claims a patented, advanced formula is what achieves the effect. Whether or not this is the case, given I try a new foundation every other month or so, to date, it’s the best I’ve found in terms of application, longevity of wear and actual achievement of what it declares on the packaging.

My one quibble would be that rather than ‘illuminating’ the skin, I do find it can become a little shiny after a few hours, but this is balanced out by the fact that it is quite long-lasting. (I personally ensure I use a little extra loose powder over the top if I know I will be without a chance to attend to it for a while).

Of course, in life and cosmetics, you can’t please all of the consumers all of the time and I am sure there will be some for whom this foundation isn’t a fit. I would however recommend that if you are a little closer to menopause than you are puberty, it is worth seeing if it achieves the look you may have long been searching for.

In a nutshell, if all beauty products are little more than ‘hope in a jar’, with its Age Renew Foundation Max Factor have at the minimum given us a worthy match for our expectations!

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