BlogStar entry: mineral mania. What. Why. How

BlogStar entry: mineral mania. What. Why. How

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Mineral makeup. It’s gotta be good, right? Everyone’s doin it. So what’s it all about? Main ingredients include Titanium Dioxide (its white and light reflecting). Zinc Oxide (skin calming). Mica (skin smoothing, reduces appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines). And Iron Oxide (provides foundation colour). Mineraltastic.

These minerals are non-comodegenic meaning they won’t clog pores and aggravate acne (comedo). Result. And did you know titanium oxide is used to whiten Oreo cookie cream and to make the M’s on M&M chocolates? Bet you didn’t. Also, that zinc oxide is used in nappy rash cream and sunscreen. Random. Both these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties which result in a calming effect on the skin.

So it goes something like this;

MINERALS: Hello skin, your looking a little aggravated today

SKIN: Go away Minerals. Ugh, acne is so annoying and he won’t stop talking. I’ve tried clogging my pores but that’s not helping at all.

MINERALS: Take a chill pill Skin. Here, have a nice hot cup of Titanium Tea, and a Zinc Pink cupcake. Promise they will go straight to your pores.

SKIN: Wow I feel better already and acne has laryngitis. Let’s go party

Newsflash Peter Parker. These minerals have been used in cosmetics for AGES. So what’s the fuss? The difference is what’s NOT in there. Mineral makeup is free from preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances. However, in addition to the 4 ingredients listed above, there are a whole host of others, minerals, and not. And it’s always prudent to check the label because the mineral claim sweeps far and wide. I have Prudent check all my labels. Such fine attention to detail. In addition to titanium, zinc, mica, and iron there are many other ingredients that may be added that are considered non-natural. Google it.

I started using mineral makeup about 18 months ago after I tried the Bare Minerals Get Started Kit’. So many people commented on how radiant my skin was looking that I knew I was onto a winner. It did take me a little while to get used to the swirl, tap, and buff application but I figured it out (instructional DVD helps, when you actually watch it). Here are some application tips that I have since discovered. Because I used to be the poster child for what NOT to do.

Said it before. A good foundation works soooo much better with prepped skin (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, yad yada). Apply a primer. Important to let it dry or you may find foundation clumping around moist areas. Also, exfoliate and moisturise dry skin patches or they may go flaky. And you DONT WANT THAT. Because I have HAD THAT. Not fun.

Swirl, tap, buff routine. Use a little each time and tap off the excess. EXCEEDINLGY IMPORTANT. The point is to layer/build up to a coverage you desire.

Using a large brush or kabuki, start from the outside of the face moving in little circles. Not squares. And don’t push too hard with the brush on your face. Yes, I do this when in a hurry. Not a good result.

For a concealer, just dab on a little extra with a small brush
Add some warmth. Then bronzer to give a healthy glow. Sometimes I just use the radiance alone (see step 8 below)

Do customise your own foundation colour. The skin can change seasonally. I can be a mix of light and fairly light depending on the season. Tip; You can mix a little  warmth with your usual foundation colour and mix it up a bit.
Banish tired eyes with Well Rested Under Eye Concealer. Use this religiously.

Radiance Rocks! This really is the bee’s knees for luminosity. Apply (with angled brush) over the bridge of the nose, and in a sideways W (forehead, cheeks to chin) the radiance. Then go ahead and sparkle girl.
Super critical. Don’t forget the Mineral Veil! This is the icing on the cake of gorgeousness. You can load up your brush with this one.

The Bare Minerals website has a fantastic step by step videos guide on how to apply mineral makeup, hosted by founder and CEO Leslie Blodgett.

Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals) is distributed by and is available from leading salons (Ella Rouge) and selected department stores (Myer). Read some Product Reviews from the Beauty Heaven website. The cost varies but expect to pay around $70 to $80 AUD for the foundation. It will last you around 4 months for every day use.

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