The best beauty Youtubers to watch while you’re bored at home

The best beauty Youtubers to watch while you’re bored at home

Google may be our number one guy when it comes to diagnosing funky-looking skin changes and deciphering the difference between bicarb and baking powder, but nothing beats the quarantine blues quite like a YouTube binge-sesh.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to define your jaw like a true artist, hoarding date night makeup tutorials (for when you can finally go on a date again) or learn about skin care ingredients and how to layer them, there’s a whole library of entertaining vids for you to choose from.

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Not sure where to start? Here’s some of our favourite accounts covering makeup, skincare and lifestyle…

#1 Lisa Eldridge

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, including working as the creative director of Lancome and alongside brands such as Chloe, Christian Dior and Chanel, it’s safe to assume you’re in good hands with Lisa Eldridge.  Her videos spare no detail and keep no secret, and with celeb friends like Victoria Beckham popping in every now and then, you’ll never get bored.  Just try not let her soul soothing voice drift you off into a deep sleep!  

Watch this:Glowing, Youthful Day Make Up Tutorial For Mature Skin

#2 Caroline Hirons 

Caroline is our go-to for any honest first-impressions, product reviews and informational videos. She always does her research and isn’t afraid to say what she actually thinks, which is a serious treat.

Watch this:Fave Fives: Retinols (Vitamin A)

#3 Hayley Kim

Hayley’s videos in tune with her ‘less is more’ philosophy – so think dewy, flushed cheeks and naturally fluffy brows.  A few minutes watching Hayley and you’ll be a K-beauty convert!

Watch this:‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look (Using Korean Products)

#4 Sammy Robinson

If you want to feel like you’re sitting in your best friends bedroom getting ready together and having a chat, then Sammy is your girl. There is something about her down to earth and warm nature that makes it hard to turn her off. Her tutorials are kept simple and fun, with plenty of bronzed everyday looks.

Watch this:Tan Routine, Quick Everyday Makeup For Oily Skin

#5 Charlotte Tilbury

Ok so she may not have started her Vlogging career doing supermarket product reviews in her living room. BUT Charlotte Tilbury does offer some great tips and video series such as make up for older women, how to make ANY eye colour pop and wedding looks. Chances are you’ll have similar products at home, so if you aren’t decked out with the full Charlotte kit then never fear!

Watch this:How To Get A Dreamy Pink Makeup Look For Dark Skin Tones Using Pillow Talk

#6 Nyma Tang 

Nyma is keeping some of the biggest beauty brands accountable as she explores foundation shade inclusivity.  Her series ‘The Darkest Shade’ boasts over 11M video views (yes on a single video!). Her captivating videos educate us on how brands are catering to diversity, while being highly entertained by her funny and energetic personality. 

Watch this:Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation Review

#7 Nikki DeRoest

Nikki’s tutorials focus on clean beauty and fresh glowy looks, which is hardly a surprise considering she is the personal makeup artist to Rosie Huntington-Whitley (aka the queen of glow). She’ll take you through the best high and low end beauty finds, as well as how to transition from day to night. Lovers of a neutral and warm glam need look no further.

Watch this:Easy Touchups For A Night Out

Do you watch beauty tutorials before getting ready for a night out? If so, who are your go-to’s?

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  1. Don’t do much Youtube (apart from cute animals of course!) I do like Charlotte Tilbury’s advice for older women though. She is older but looks amazing Darlings! Her products are excellent quality.

  2. Thank goodness for YouTube! Hope the internet holds up. I’m trying very hard to keep my beauty routine going and to take some time to look after myself while in isolation! So easy to just walk around in sweats, crazy hair (my normal), and no makeup. Then I get a videoconference where they ask us to turn on the video and I’m caught out!

  3. Don’t watch any of these. Did in past see one or two Caroline’s and Lisa’s vids. Looked for some skincare stuff. But nothing I’m interested in from their channels. Love watching discussions, lecture type vids (scientific, philosophical, political and such…)

  4. I don’t usually have the time to watch makeup videos on youtube.
    Given the unusual circumstances at the moment I had a look at Lisa Eldridge – Youthful Day Makeup for Mature Skin. I thought the end result was very soft and flattering .

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