These Are The Best Waterproof Mascaras 2021 Has To Offer


If you ever sweat, cry, swim or get caught in the rain, you are probably A) a human but B) in need of a quality waterproof mascara. Even the biggest no-makeup makeup lovers swear by a lick of mascara to transform their otherwise tired faces. And when there’s the guarantee that a drop of water or bead of sweat won’t derail your entire look, how could we ever wear anything else?

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Whether you prioritise a volume-boosting wand or a protein-rich formula for added lash nourishment, these are the waterproof formulas that are ticking every box.

essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara

We say: Boasting a 4 star rating and labelled by our members as the “best mascara from the drug store”, this waterproof mascara individually coats each lash, leaving you with sweat, humidity and water-resistant volume. 

You say: “I picked this up by mistake- I put it into the basket and forgot to take it out at checkout. Boy, am I glad I didn’t! This mascara is AWESOME. For five dollars, you get super plump lashes that don’t lose their curl, doesn’t smudge and stays in place.” – tinkerbelle2965

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Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara

We say: A luxe-option, Lancome’s lengthening mascara uses a cone-shaped brush for a seamless, defined application. Plus, their waterproof formula offers a long-lasting, smudge-proof, wide-eyed look.

You say: “ I can honestly say this is my favourite one! I can easily just wear this mascara and a bit bronzer and happy with my look! I love the fun curved brush, making it easy to apply – no clumps!!” – chloe marks

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Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

We say: Everyone’s fave mascara officially has a waterproof version. If you’ve been a long time lover of the Maybelline’s infamous neon pink and green mascara, time to level-up with their creamy, clump-free waterproof formula.

You say: “Why change a formula that has worked for so many years? Maybelline have just added waterproofing. The wand works well and does not give out too much mascara. The mascara does not come out gluggy.” – Perthchick

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Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

We say: The patented  Liquid Lash™ technology has earned Max Factor’s waterproof mascara a 4.5 star rating from over 170 bh reviewers. Double your lash length and create instant impact that will take you from day to night, even with a few teary moments in between.

You say: “This is a great mascara if your after length and volume.Throughout the day I noticed it did not flake at all, there was no smudging either which is was great since I have very sensitive watery eyes” – glamazon_xo

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Mavala Switzerland Eye-lite Waterproof Mascara

We say: Mavala Switzerland’s waterproof mascara creates the result of thicker lashes for longer. Plus, the protein-enriched formula ensures you are protecting each individual delicate lash at the same time. 

You say: “Extra long wearing so you can wear it all day.With all my mascaras I usually apply one coat then allow to dry before applying a second coat for the best look.” – mum26

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MUD High Definition Waterproof Mascara

We say: A budget favourite, this 4.5 star waterproof mascara sells for only $5. But don’t be fooled by the price tag, this smudge-proof formula is far from cheap.

You say: “Ok, so I’ve been a total mascara snob for years, I’ve only been happy with Lancome mascaras. This mascara is really lengthening and does provide a bit of a curl. The wand is really nice and although the packaging feels cheap, the product itself really works.” – claredelalune

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Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara

We say: A buildable formula that creates natural or dramatic looks depending on your preferred vibe. If your eyes are easily irritated, this ophthalmologist-tested formula is safe for contact lens wearers.

You say: “I absolutely loved this Bobbi Brown waterproof mascara. The colour is a really lovely intense black, great pigmentation. I can wear this mascara all day and it really does not smudge, it won’t budge, it will not flake and also does not clump.” – debbie1000

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CLINIQUE High Impact Waterproof Mascara

We say: This 12-hour, waterproof mascara won’t budge whether you’re in heat, humidity or the middle of a sweat-sesh. 

You say: “The mascara lengthens my lashes, with an even coat and doesn’t clump at all. I’ve worn this mascara for hours on end, i’ve worn it out in the rain and even in the shower and it still hasn’t run.” – anime

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COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara

We say: Attention lovers of a dramatic lash: COVERGIRL’s iconic orange tube has got you. With a super thickening formula combined with an advanced volumising brush, you can kiss limp, straight lashes goodbye.

You say: “ I have sparse lashes and this definitely gives them volume and length! Goes on thickly immediately, so no building is needed for me and separates without clumping.” -Olivia Gough 03

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Do you use a waterproof mascara? Have you tried any of these waterproof mascaras?

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  1. I haven't actually tried any of these ones, I've heard waterproof mascaras aren't great for your eyelashes? I try to stick to the natural Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara – plus it works fab

  2. I will be reviewing the Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara in the non-waterproof version soon. It isn't a bad mascara, but I don't think that it's worth the price tag. It's possible that the waterproof version is better.

  3. I’ve tried a few of these. The Maybelline Great Last unfortunately irritated my eyes. All of the budget ones do. The Lancôme Hypnose and the Bobbi Brown were awesome but so expensive.

  4. So many great Waterproof Mascaras to choose from, I always buy a good brand of Waterproof Mascara such as L'oreal Paris have always been able to take it off with Micellar Water.

  5. I wear mascara every day whether I'm going out or not. I love the brush on the Maybelline Great Lash so I usually have a tube in my mascara drawer. I've used a few Essence mascaras which have been good, but I will try any brand as long as they don't clump.

    My favourites are the tubing mascaras – Designer Brands Centre Stage, Clinique Lash Power and Maybelline Snapscara.

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