5 Makeup Looks And Tips To Celebrate Women Over 40

over 40s makeup looks

Here at bh, we think getting older is something worth celebrating. So we asked some of our favourite makeup artists and experts to share what they think are some of the best makeup looks for women over 40.

And boy, they did not disappoint. 

“Women over 40 are stunning — they tend to have a magnetic confidence that comes with the experience of age,” says Georgie Greville Jasper, Co-founder and Creative Director of Milk Makeup (we like Georgie).

As such, women over 40 can pull off a whole library of looks. So don’t let anyone say you’re too old for anything! Yes, even liquid eyeliner.

And while the rules are there ain’t no rules, if you are looking for some guidance or inspiration, this is a great place to start.

5 of the best makeup looks for women over 40

#1 Poppin’ cheeks and lips

julianne moore

“Flushed cheeks, full lashes, lightly defined brows and a bold lip,” is a favourite look of Georgie Greville Jasper, Co-founder and Creative Director of Milk Makeup.

Her top tip: For makeup, make sure your base is hydrating and that you’re using products that give your skin the deep, healthy hydration that it needs.

hydrating foundation

#2 Luminous skin and loaded lashes

tracee ellis ross

Over 40s makeup expert Amanda Ramsay chooses a similar vibe to Georgie when it comes to the best makeup look for women over 40. She highly recommends “luminous, glowing lit from within skin, brushed up brows, lashings of mascara and a banging bold and vibrant lip.”

Her top tip: Choosing a warm-toned (yes, even when you’re pale adding that touch of warmth lifts your complexion!) lightweight and light-reflecting foundation, and correctly matching it to your chest. It will deliver a huge difference and can take years off you.

#3 Red lip and a clean face

naomi watts

“Everyone can wear a red lip; it’s whether it’s a tomato red, or a cool red etc” says Trinny Woodall, beauty entrepreneur and founder of Trinny London. “This is personally just for me, but if I’m wearing white, [I’d] do a beautiful red lip and a really clean face. And maybe just a soft eye.”

Her top tip: If you feel you don’t have the lip for it, I believe in Miracle Blur all over the lip. I started wearing it there because of those little lines on the lip. It helps to perfect the mouth’s base before you put the lip on.

red lip over 40

#4 Classic smokey eye

eva longoria smokey eye

If you thought you were ‘too old’ for a smokey eye, Georgie says to think again. “I love a smokey eye with a nude lip and some light contouring.”

Her top tip: I would recommend using a hydrating cream bronzer like our Matte Bronzer to lightly contour cheeks and nose.

bh top tip: Try using a damp sponge to apply your cream contour rather than a brush. This will help to create a more diffused, skin-like finish.

contour over 40

#5 Colours you love (and that love you back)

laura dern

“I don’t love trends. I just love what suits you and your bone structure and everything,” says Trinny. “So I think it’s looking at, well, what colours do you want to wear? Like, if I’m wearing pink and loving pink, I generally wear lots of cheek that’s pink and a more neutral lip.”

Her top tip: Knowing your colour palette is key, and that’s where Match2Me (The Trinny London makeup matching quiz) can really help us to refine.

Do you like any of the suggested looks? Which one would you be most keen to try?

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  1. I love a red lip & smoky eye, but not together, of course. #5 is crucial: knowing what suits you! Colours & styles that suit you always look better than modern fads that don’t, especially as you age.

  2. I go for clear, smooth skin, mascara and a bit of blush, and stick with the colours that suit me. My summer lippy is usually in the purple shades of lavender, mauve, lilac.

  3. I’m a few years away from that bracket (currently 37) & I rock most of these looks already! In fact, I love all the looks featured above. I do love sporting a red lip when I can be bothered wearing it (the red pops against my fair cool-toned skin) & although I don’t normally do a smokey eye, I do like the look (although I’d probably have to do a brown smokey eye as black might be too much for me).

  4. I love doing smokey eyes. It helps to disguise under eye wrinkles.
    Trinny’s Miracle Blur sounds interesting. I googled it to see how it is used. Not sure it is available instore in Oz.

  5. I wish the beauty industry would just stop with the “Women over 40 should be doing/wearing/looking like this” messaging. These makeup looks are universal and would look great on women of any age. As Trinny says, it’s about your individual skin, bone structure & style – not your age!

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  7. I haven’t tried any of these products however I do enjoy wearing a nice red lipstick. I don’t wear any foundation but do use eyeliner and mascara. I love wearing lipstick but not if I have to wear a mask.

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