A Checklist of Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Kit

A Checklist of Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Kit

Years of experience and professional training aside, one major factor setting us apart from our favourite makeup artists is their extensive collection of makeup brushes.

No matter how many hours we spend online searching for the best foundation or eyeshadow palette, what’s the point if we can’t apply, blend, or distribute it evenly? 

With the right brush, it’s easier to build a natural, flawless base, control how much product is used and create versatile looks.

So here are our top picks for every makeup brush you’ll need in your kit to achieve professional-quality makeup. 

Best for: An all-in-one set

Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Mini-Pro & Traveller Brush Set 

Featuring seven essential brushes, the Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Mini-Pro & Traveller Brush Set is travel-friendly without sacrificing quality.The brushes have a three-quarter handle to save on space, but full-sized heads for all your blending needs.

$115 at Kylie’s Professional

Best for: Setting powder

Estée Lauder Powder Brush

For a sheer dusting of setting powder, the dome-shaped Estée Lauder Powder Brush will pick up and deposit only the amount of product required, all while feeling whisper-soft against the skin. No scratchy or coarse bristles here.

“The bristles are soo soft and lovely to feel. They feel great of the skin, super smooth and you’ll find yourself running it over your face as much as you can because it feels nice” – LisOnLife

$82 at Estée Lauder 

Best for: Eyeshadow 

The Body Shop Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush

The Body Shop’s Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush has a flat and wide brush on one end for even application of powder and cream shadows, while the thin angled side ensures precise lining of the lash line. 

“I have had this brush for over 10 years now and it is still the best eyeshadow brush I have and I have no intention or need to replace it. It is soft and durable and gives me an even, controlled application.” – Nicoler112

$25 at The Body Shop

Best for: Bronzer

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

What the Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush lacks in affordability, it makes up for in quality. By using this soft brush on powder or cream bronzers, you’ll avoid caking, creasing and looking muddy. 

“A well designed brush in terms of bristle length and denseness making blending a breeze. So happy with this product!” – BrownEyedGirl79

$97 at Bobbi Brown

Best for: Foundation 

EcoTools Classic Foundation

From matte to dewy formulations, the EcoTools Classic Foundation Brush uses cruelty-free bristles for a smooth and flawless base application.

“Great foundation brush that allows foundation to be easily applied without streaks. This brush is great and gentle with the skin. I use this to apply my foundation and it does the job.” – Te3

$13.99 at Priceline

Best for: Contouring 

Nude by Nature Ultimate Perfecting Brush

Suitable for both powder and cream formulas, Nude by Nature’s Ultimate Perfecting Brush features densely packed fibres in a thin horizontal design, allowing for seamless coverage and natural sculpting of harder-to-reach areas.

“I love to do contouring with this brush because it gives me a very natural finish without leaving any harsh lines.” – Helen T

$29.95 at Nude by Nature

Best for: Blush

The Real Techniques Blush Brush

The Real Techniques Blush Brush softens and blurs even the most pigmented and bold blush shades for a natural, rosy flush. The tapered design ensures precise application of product, exactly where you want it. 

“I am amazed at the quality of the Real Techniques brushes. I have had my blush brush for a few years now and I have been using it every day to apply my powder blushes. I love that it applies just the right amount of product (not too heavy!) and it also blends well.” – BeeperPad

$24.99 at Adore Beauty

Do you have any of these brushes? If not, which ones do you use?

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  1. I have heaps of Nude by Nature brushes which I love because the quality is fantastic and they wash so well. I also have Real Techniques eyeshadow blending brushes and I also love my Dior foundation brush because it’s so soft.

  2. I own a few brush sets, but I have different favourites from each set: I use my old NbN concealer brush for eyeshadow & Revlon kabuki brush for mineral powder most often. If I wear blush or use a lip brush, I like my Manicare retractable brushes.

  3. I have lots of ‘odd’ brushes but like lots of BH members I have a Nude by Nature brush. The one I use most is my Minenssey mask brush (although it’s not a make up brush of course).

  4. I’ve never owned a makeup brush in my life because I don’t wear makeup, SHOCK, HORROR! I didn’t know they were so pricey and I know there are many different types for different parts of your face. My daughter has a heap of them and I got her one of those brush cleaners that swirl the water around. It’s like a whole different subject you need to study up on.

  5. Oooh, got a set from BH of NBN brushes and they are so good! I only use though: powder and highlighter brushes. Highlighter one was gifted at Bazaar event (also great one, interestingly!).

  6. I’ve got brushes from various brands: Nude by Nature, Sigma, Ela Cosmetics, Real Techniques…I think that’s all the brands I own. Out of them all, I prefer Ela Cosmetics & Nude by Nature – my Sigma & Real Techniques (eye) brushes are hit & miss.

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