5 best makeup brushes to cover acne

5 best makeup brushes to cover acne

Choosing to cover your acne is a personal choice. While we fully support the alternative of going makeup free, sometimes it’s nice to have the option of full coverage if you’re having a particularly bad skin day or are heading out for dinner and drinks and in the mood for a serious face beat. The problem with this often comes down to finding the perfect formulas of primer, foundation and concealer, as well as application method that means it won’t slip off your face in a matter of minutes. While my personal favourite application method is patting it in with my fingers (make sure your hands are clean before you do this!), brushes are widely recognised by experts as the ideal way to apply concealer that sticks. As a result, we’ve rounded up the best makeup brushes for covering acne.

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Manicare x Liz Kelsh Smudge Brush

While technically an eyeshadow smudging brush, experts love this shaped brush for its ability to get in hard to reach areas and precisely spot conceal pimples and blemishes. Read reviews for the Manicare x Liz Kelsh Smudge Brush here.

Shu Uemura Kolinsky 5R Brush

With a rounded end, this brush is perfect for targeted concealing. Start with as little product as possible and build up to the coverage you’re happy with, don’t cake it on the blemish from the get-go. Be sure to follow with a fluffy brush around the edges to blend out the coverage. Find it at davidjones.com, $80

Chi Chi Concealer Brush

An angled brush head that comes to a point, this unique shape gives ultimate control for powder or cream concealers. The bonus is that the pointed brush, while ideal for spot concealing acne, also fits perfectly in the inner corner of the eye for brightening any shadows. Read reviews for the Chi Chi Concealer brush here.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush #2

You know how much we love a multi-tasking product and dual ended brushes definitely tick this box. The flat end is perfect for spot concealing, allowing a more concentrated application, while the fluffier end is perfect for buffing out and blending the concealer around the blemish to achieve that airbrushed finish. Find it at sephora.com.au, $32

Artiste Concealer Brush #1

Picking up the perfect amount of product, this long brush is great for building up layers of coverage over acne scars and current blemishes. It is also loved for its ability to blend seamlessly. Read reviews for Artiste Concealer Brush #1 here.

Which shaped brush would you most like to try?

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