5 of the best long-lasting lip products


While reapplying lipstick gives you something to do (like when you’re out at a bar and being hit on by a weirdo and need an excuse to bail), no one actually likes doing it. Plus, it’s really annoying to have spent the time meticulously lining your lips and expertly layering them with colour only to have the shade seem almost non-existent after a few sips of your G&T.

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Which is why I present you with five of the very best long-lasting lippies. Because if there’s one thing a girl should always rely on to last the distance, it should be her lip colour.


Give your lips lashings of saturated colour with this classic from Estée Lauder. It’s bursting with multifaceted colour pigments to define your pout with luscious colour for up to six hours. Run, don’t walk!

“The formula is spot on! I am addicted to matte lipsticks but make an exception for this creamy finish because it doesn’t budge! ” – Emma 458.

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Beautifully pigmented? Tick. A nourishing formula? Tick. A gorgeous range of shades? Double tick. This lipstick truly does have it all. And if you’re a fiend for a red hue, Ruby Tuesday is one that can’t be missed.

“This is quite possibly one of the most long-lasting moisturising lipsticks I’ve tried.” – Petal.

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This liquid lip colour is famous for its pretty packaging and how long it lasts. But on top of that, it leaves lips with a gorgeous satin finish and offers SPF 15 protection. A winner all-round.  

“The pigmentation of this product is like no other – it lasts through food, kissing and day-to-day activities. By the end of the day I’m still left with a slight tint to my lips.” – ray_jay.

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If you’re looking for a long-lasting lipstick with an almost-matte finish, then this is just what you’ve been looking for you. Oh, and you won’t be disappointed with how it feels on your lips, either.

“What I like is that they wear and wear without fading! I hate touching up during the day and I hate products that wear on the inside of my lips, leaving me with a ring of colour on the outside. These don’t do that! They hold up while eating and drinking too!” – breathesarah.

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The crayon-like lip stain works a treat to coat your lips in a colour that’ll last but without that dried-out feeling. Just take note that it won’t leave a pigmented finish all day, but rather a flush of colour.

“I find they do stay on quite a while, even with talking/eating/drinking. They are affordable and have a gorgeous shine to them.” – Brittbut90

Which are you favourite long-lasting lip colours? Do you use any of these ones?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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