9 Of The Best Liquid Eyeliners In Australia, According To Reviews

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Everyone’s opinion on the best liquid eyeliner is bound to be different. It’s why reviews are so important for guiding you in the right direction.

For some, the ideal liquid liner may come down to how pigmented and long-lasting the formula is. For others, one that’s workable and easy to fix mistakes would be better. 

And that’s before we even get to the applicator wands and different felt tips.

The good news is winged eyeliner and cat eyes will always be on-trend. So if you have to field your way through a few duds to find your fit, you’ve got time. 

But to save you some of it, we’ve rounded up some of the best liquid eyeliners in Australia. Plus, the helpful reviews that’ll seal the deal for your individual needs.

Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Eyeliner

Ideal for: Practising. The quick-dry formula will save you from smudges, but mistakes can easily be removed too.

Review: “I’m one to still struggle with liquid eyeliner which doesn’t make it easier for my monolids. I’m learning to and so far this is one of the easier liquid eyeliners to apply. it dries quickly and comes out easily if I stuff up without giving me a sore eye. I hope to master the winged liner one day!” – Bettina44

$13.99 at Chemist Warehouse

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Natio Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Ideal for: Everyday eyeliner users. It’s pigmented, easy to use on a rushed morning, and won’t break the bank.

Review: “The price is so affordable and when I tried it on it looked so good! The colour is pigmented and it glides on so easily. I don’t really have a steady hand but I always try to do a nice winged eye and this pen really helps create that look. It is a fine tip pen so you can create a very thin line if you want a more understated look or you can build upon it to create a more bold look. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner with liquid eyeliner I find this to be fantastic.” – Miss19

$16.95 at Myer

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Mavala Switzerland Eye Liner

mavala liquid liner

Ideal for: Tight-lining. If you like a small liquid line close to the lash to define, this slim and smudge-free pick is ideal.

Review: “I chose this liquid eyeliner in my recent Rewards stash and i am very happy that i did. The brush is streamline which allows me to do a very close tightline to my top lashes. I dont like the cat eye (on me) but my daughter was able to do a lovely cat eye on herself. Vivid black in colour that didnt smudge but still came off easily with hot water and a face washer.” – Lou1

$29.95 at mavala.com.au

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L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eye by Superliner

loreal cat eye liner

Ideal for: Those who’ve never been able to master a winged eye. The stencil lid will prove most helpful.

Review: “It’s easy to use and I really like the stencil. For a more natural or daytime wing I use the straight edge of the stencil to ensure I get a good line from a quarter of the way back from where my eye ends as I find this helps to open up my eyes better (hooded eyes). The pigment is ok, I find I layer it to make more intense, however by starting not so intense it’s easier to fix any mistakes.” – Tinksuze

$13.97 (down from $27.95) at Chemist Warehouse

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Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

maybelline master precise liner

Ideal for: Easy control. The sharp felt tip is ideal for those who can free-hand semi-well but still want a sturdy applicator. 

Review: “I always found it hard to get that super sharp point when doing a winged liner and i had hoped this product would do the job. I am really happy with it, very easy to control and really delivers on giving a crisp sharp point for your liner. Would purchase again.” – Adelina633

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$8.47 (down from $16.95) at Chemist Warehouse

Lancome Artliner

lancome art liner

Ideal for: Big fans of winged eyeliner who don’t mind paying for quality. The applicator glides seamlessly with no tugging or pulling.

Review: “I have tried a lot of liquid eyeliners and I love this one! It draws on smoothly and blackly with no skipping. No cracking or movement once it’s dry and it lasts all day for me. I don’t normally use an eyelid primer or anything on my lids either. A+. Only reason for 4 stars, is just the price. It’s a bit expensive for eyeliner.” – Janabanana

$53 at Adore Beauty

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essence liquid ink eyeliner

essence liquid ink eyeliner

Ideal for: Cheap thrills. At only $5 a pop, this is the biggest steal on this list.

Review: “It’s not shiny at all, it’s a matte black finish. It doesn’t budge. But it comes off easily with the right makeup remover, and what I do like that if you want it to be smokey and you get to it right away with a smudge brush that works too. The only qualm I have is that the teeny tiny bottle runs out too fast. But that’s just because I use it everyday.” – Nezbabes

$5.50 at Priceline

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M.A.C Liquidlast Liner 

mac liquidlast eyeliner

Ideal for: Those who like to switch up their eyeliner colour. Every shade is pigmented, true to colour and long-lasting.

Review: “I love these! They come in so many great colours, i’ve got the goldy bronze one but theres also blue, green, black, brown and many others!. The bottle lasts for ages aswell, so it is worth the $35. The brush isnt like other liquid eyeliner brushes that ive tried. it’s hard plastic with a pointed tip (it doesnt hurt though) which, i think, makes it more precise. The colour is rich and pigmented. It dries really quickly, and it is waterproof, so try to work as quickly as possible.” – Addictedxx

$40 at Myer

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Rimmel London Wonder Wing Liner

rimmel wonder wing eyeliner

Ideal for: Stamping on your wings. Simply press down the flat side of the applicator at the outer corners of each eye for a precise, no-fuss look.

“It’s a thin inky formula which makes it easy to use the stamp, but for the liner if you like a liquid liner it may be better to get something else. But the think formula makes it easy to clean up and neaten the wing. Good for a starter, definitely go over the actual liner for a darker look. Great for over shadow.” – Marikaxoxo

$7.20 (down from $15.95) at Chemist Warehouse

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