The best false eyelashes for every occasion

The best false eyelashes for every occasion

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Mascara is magical and eyeliner is tops, but sometimes you just need a little extra something. Enter false eyelashes, a quick and temporary way to dial up the drama.

So whether you’re an everyday eyelash wearer, a special occasion only kind of girl, or still working on the whole ‘actually adhering them to your eyelid’ thing, we’ve tracked down 10 of the best false eyelashes with options to suit every budget, brief and skill set.

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Eylure Most Wanted Lashes

We say: Eyelure’s collection of silk-effect, handcrafted lashes deliver a softly structured, long and dramatic finish. 

You say: “They are really fluffy and dramatic, but at the same time they are still super comfortable on my eyes without feeling too heavy or out of place.” – Amelia987

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Ardell Demi Wispies Black

We say: Rated 5 stars from 40 reviews, Ardell’s strip lashes are the ultimate ‘it’s plausible they’re your real lashes’ pair – feathery but not too full.

You say: “i absolutely adore these lashes !! they perfectly compliment any eye shape with a added volume on the outer edges.” -glowy

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1000 Hour Classic Collection Lashes – Kitten

We say: These lush lashes kick out at the corner to take your cat-eye from subtle to striking.

You say: “The lashes are nice and dense and I’m still getting wear out of them and I have used them probably 4 times and they still look good.” – Katie 361

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Glam by Manicare

We say: Inspired by Meghan Markle’s fluttery lashes, this set is natural enough for everyday wear.

You say: “These lashes blend in perfectly with your own lashes so it’s not obvious you are wearing falsies which is exactly the look I go for when I need a little more oomph!” – fluffle 

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M.A.C Cosmetics 7 Lash

We say: Suitable for everyday wear, the thick-to-thin alternating style strikes the ideal balance between natural and glam.

You say: “Good if you want a bit of a flutter – not overly dramatic. But all in all it is worth paying a little more for a good lash like these.” – anonymous

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Ardell Aqua Lashes 340

We say: The newest in strip lash technology, Ardell’s water-activated lashes allow you to apply each pair sans glue. 

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*This article has been updated since its original publication. Do you like wearing false lashes? Which brands are your favourites?

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  1. I've used Freeze Frame lash prescription for years. It's definately helped with my upper lashes. They are much longer than they used to be. It's often on special at Priceline. You apply it like an eyeliner. It helps with lash breakage as well.

  2. Like the idea of the Adell Aqua Lashes. I recently got my first set of magnetic lashes (non BH brand) they adhere to a liquid liner. I'm not sure I like them. Hard to position, I feel like something is in my eye…but better than glue. I think I'm just not a false lashes person as they are too fiddly.

  3. I’ve been meaning to try the magnetic eyeliner ones but I don’t want to purchase another set of eyelashes when I still have do many unopened ones. I keep getting the darn things in goody bags. The next one I want to try will be the water ones.

  4. I love to try them on occasions. My eyes become more defined and prominent. Though applying falsies is really frustrating sometimes. But it’s worth it the way they uplift my style.

  5. I’ve liked it when someone else has put false lashes on me but I’m not confident to try it myself. It also worries me to put glue by my eyes. I think I do have some of the magnetic ones so I should dig them out and give them a go.

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