The best false eyelashes to try if you love eyelash extensions

The best false eyelashes to try if you love eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are addictive. I know, because I currently have them. And I’m dreading the day that for whatever reason, I have to give them up. Whether it’s to save money (they ain’t cheap), to give your natural lashes a break, or maybe you just really want to be able to rub your eyes again, sometimes it’s nice to give eyelash extensions a miss for a while. But how will you cope without those full, fluffy lashes? With some low commitment false eyelashes, of course!

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So, we asked bh’s Nadine to find three of the best fake eyelashes for eyelash extension addicts. Click through the gallery below to see which false eyelashes made the cut.

If you like you individual extensions

Try Eylure Luxe Mink Effect Collection in Opulent

If you like long, defined lashes, these silky falsies are for you. They come in a naturally criss-crossed style and offer a flattering mink effect.

If you like Russian volume extensions

Try Artémes Medium Volume Nude lashes in Jaw Dropper ($29,

Want volume? These ultra fluffy 6D lashes are handwoven and made with an exclusive multi-dimensional layering technique, to imitate the look and feel of mink fur.

If you like a cat eye effect

Try 1000 Hour Classic Collection Lashes in Kitten

These dense lashes have a classic cat eye shape with an added wing. Meaning you can have a perfect wing, without eyeliner.

Do you wear eyelash extensions? Which false eyelashes do you prefer?

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