Easy ways to enhance your eyelashes from home


We’re missing a lot of things about the outside world and normal life while in isolation: nice restaurants, visits to the cinema, browsing in shops, human interaction… wow, that last one got a bit too real.

Someone we’re missing (almost) most of all, though? Our lash ladies. Because while our lashes usually rely on these trusty technicians for dear life, our beloved professional lifts, extensions and tints are a no-go right now. And so, we have to make do at home.

Luckily, there are some genius lash care products designed to help you return your straight, short, pale and lifeless lashes back to their former curled, long, tinted and gorgeous glory, and we’ve rounded up the very best of them. Watch out, Bambi.

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1000 Hour

1000 Hour Lash & Brow Dye Kit

Can’t be bothered to apply mascara every day but still longing for a little definition? Try a tint – this kit makes it easy to DIY, delivering waterproof, effective colour to lashes (and brows if you’re so inclined) for up to six weeks.


QVS Curl Wonder Lash Curler

Sometimes a little curling action is all you need, and this gentle lash curler is bound to help you hit the ‘wide awake’ brief every time. The curling bar is higher than that of most lash curlers, to spread, fan and lift lashes with every (soft silicone-coated) squeeze.


RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum

If you want to keep your lash look au naturale but your natural levels of length and volume aren’t cutting it, add an eyelash enhancing serum to your evening routine – this one contains an advanced ophthamologist and derm-tested formula that uses the powers of peptides and proteins to promote growth in just 30 days.

DB Cosmetics

DB Cosmetics Extend-A-Lash Brush On Lash Fibres

Fiddly lash glue isn’t for everyone, we get it: sometimes lash fibres are a better fit. This clever hi-tech tubing mascara uses lengthening black fibres to pretty much create the illusion of instant lash extensions (that wash away at the end of the day instead of requring time-consuming removal; bonus). Not bad for under $20, huh?


Raww Moringa Lash Impact Mascara

Want lashes as black as the night but not keen to compromise on care? This formula contains growth-stimulating moringa and conditioning argan oil to make sure your daily makeup routine is on the nourishing side rather than the damaging one – best of both worlds.

1000 Hour

1000 Hour Individual Collection Lashes – Short-Medium

If you’re after a little something extra but still want to keep the lash look semi-subtle, individual falsies are ideal. They’re super simple to apply, and are great for layering over light mascara (especially on outer corners) for a fluttery-but-not-too-full vibe.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel

Lash definition doesn’t always have to include colour – this long-lasting, quick-drying gel helps to tame, hold and define lashes (and brows) while also offering a glycerin and elder flower-powered hit of conditioning hydration.


Ardell Lash Accents 318

For those devoted to dramatic lash looks, mascara often just isn’t enough (no, not even for sitting on the couch; you’re a glam girl and that’s A-ok). These outer-half style falsies are perfect for popping on – they dial up density without the struggle of trying to pin down those pesky inner corners.

Main image credit: @kingedna_ What lash treatments do you usually rely on? Have you found any great product alternatives?  

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  1. I’ll confess that I’ve been really slack and haven’t bothered with makeup etc during this revolting isolation thing. As for my lashes, sometimes I get them tinted, and sometimes I DIY with the 1000 Hour kit. It works really well. But thankfully I’ve been blessed with pretty good lashes and majority of the time I just use mascara.

  2. I know it sounds scary but painting the lash glue directly onto your eyelid instead of the band of the lash makes it so much easier to apply (that said, the majority of the time I cant be bothered so I just wear mascara lol)

  3. Ahhh, I had an appointment booked for lash extensions the week lockdown rules started so this article is great!

    The Rapid Lash Serum is great and really does lengthen the lashes, would highly reccomend.

  4. I've had my eyelash extensions for 7 weeks now and refuse to remove them until they look absolutely horrible lol. I have a few gaps but filled in with mascara they still look fine. I have purchased a lash removal kit for when the time comes, sadly. I also use Revitalash which keeps my own natural lashes from falling out as fast as normal, plus they grow long but unfortunately stay straight. I really need to invest in a good eyelash curler. I've used that Ardell tint for my lashes and brows also, it's super easy. Most of all I can't live without my fave Lancome mascara. Those tubing ones just don't work for me. Wish I knew how to apply falsies that would stick properly and stay on until I took them off

  5. Many years ago I used to get my lashes tinted and they looked gorgeous. Over the years I stopped because of so many negative reviews and as I got older I was afraid to have them done again. Thank Goodness for BH and their honest reviews.

  6. I haven't always been too sure about lash serums just because they seem to temporarily grow the lashes and not have any permanent effect. I'm not sure if that makes any sense I just haven't ever been convinced by them even though theres some great reviews on them!

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