The best colour correctors for every skin tone

The best colour correctors for every skin tone

I’m all about fast fixes and multitaskers in my makeup routine, but sometimes taking a few extra steps is worth the effort. Case in point: colour correcting.

Like contouring, colour correcting is taking the makeup world by storm – but it’s confusing everybody at the same time. Figuring out exactly where (and why) you should apply a shade of bright green concealer can be perplexing. However, if you apply the basic principles of your good old friend the colour wheel, you’ll find that colour correcting actually makes a whole lotta sense.

Green, peach, yellow and purple tones are your ticket to camouflaging a bucketload of imperfections. From dark circles to rosacea, achieving the perfect complexion of your dreams is as simple as matching the colour to the concern.

In a nutshell: green cancels out redness, peach neutralises dark circles, yellow eliminates bruises or deep shadows, and purple corrects sallow skin. All-over discolouration can be fixed with a colour correcting primer, or you can neutralise smaller areas with a spot corrector. For severe blotchiness, a combination of both methods will completely transform the appearance of your skin. Once you practice the wizardry that is colour correcting – you won’t go back.

For a complexion that says, “I live on green juice and ran 5k this morning,” here’s your foolproof guide to the best colour correctors for every skin tone.

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Rosacea getting you down? Blemishes being real bothersome? If you’ve got redness to conceal, go with green. Use a green corrector to spot correct a pimple before applying your regular concealer on top and watch it vanish in an instant. For all-over redness, a green-based primer will even out your skin tone and reduce redness.

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Guilty of a few too many late nights? Dark circles under the eyes will give you away in a second. Luckily, it’s easy to hide your sins by using a peach- or orange-toned corrector. Instead of building up countless layers of your normal concealer, which will look cakey and creasey, apply a sheer layer of your corrector then apply a single layer of concealer. You’ll fool everyone into thinking you’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  

bh loves: MUD Colour Correcting Palette, jane iredale Circle/Delete Concealer in #2, ZOEVA Concealer Spectrum Palette ($67,, NYX Dark Circle Concealer


To conceal bruises, veins or any marks that are purple-toned, a yellow colour corrector is where it’s at! Simply apply to skin that’s been moisturised and primed, let it sit for a minute or so, then apply your foundation or concealer on top. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Hot tip: apply a yellow colour corrector or yellow-based eyeshadow primer to your eyelids before applying eyeshadow to instantly look radiant and well-rested.

bh loves: Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Face Palette, Benefit Lemon Aid, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, e.l.f. cosmetics Essential Cover Everything Concealer in Corrective Yellow


Not feeling like your best self? Combat dull, tired or sallow skin with a purple colour corrector.  The purple will eliminate any yellow undertones in your skin and instantly bring you back to life. Hit refresh on your complexion by applying a purple-based primer before your foundation. For any yellow spots, apply a purple spot corrector before applying foundation or concealer.

bh loves: Revlon PhotoReady™ Color Correcting Primer, Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Violet ($50,, Australis Conceal Correct 4-in-1, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Neutralizer – No. 3 Violet

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Have you ever tried colour correcting? Which products would you like to try for yourself?

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