The Best Tinted Brow Gels


Is there anything more satisfying than brushing up your brows with your favourite tinted brow gel? Hint: Not really. Eyebrow gel is a simple product that doesn’t take too much fumbling or technique to use, yet it can have some pretty major results.

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But not all brow gels are created equally. Surprisingly, some of the best brow gel formulas can be found at your local pharmacy.

Here are five of the best brow gels, all under $16.

essence Make Me Brow

You say: Praised by makeup artists for being an affordable dupe for those higher end favourites, this wand will create full and fluffy brows thanks to the small fibers that instantly fill in unwanted gaps.

We say:  ‘”In less than a minute, my brows look fuller, more defined, and ready to go.” – Lauren_967

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Maybelline New York Brow Precise Fiber Filler

We say: Formulated with unique fiber-fix technology, create hair-like threads to instantly add natural fullness to your brows.

You say: The end result are stronger, more defined brows but that are natural and comfortable.” – AndreaD

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ulta3 Hello Brows Eyebrow Gel

We say: If you’re struggling to keep your brows in check, one sweep of Hello Brows and your unruly, stray hairs will transform into strong, defined arches.

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Nude by Nature Precision Brow Mascara

We say: If your brows are in need of some serious TLC, treat them to a lick of Nude by Nature’s brow wand for natural definition that will see you through the day.  

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L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper

We say: Give your brows the attention they deserve with this volumising, matte gel. Plus, enjoy the precision tip that creates a salon-quality finish every single time. 

You say:The brush is in a triangle like shape that makes it easy to get that pesky last hair that just won’t stay where it’s meant to be!” – caitlin.rico

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  1. There are so many great choices out there today which was not around 10 years ago luckily I don't need them but I have gotten my mum a few different products as she has only a couple of hairs on each brow.

  2. I don't give my brows much thought because I hide them with my fringe, but I do need to try these brow gels to see if they can help fill out my sparse brows.

  3. I understand your problem. What I tend to do is get a good brow pencil, use this to fill in the sparse/missing bits. But then I always use a brow fibre to go over the whole brow. This combo has never steered me wrong. I love Designer Brand's 'Extend A Brow'. The silky fibres stay put and I have never had an issue with the fibres ending up all over the place or in my eyes. Hope this helps 🙂
    (Edit: oh oopsie! I just noticed that your comment was from years ago! Well… I hope it is still helpful hahaha!)

  4. My eyebrows are naturally dark and thick (thanks dad) but age is taking its toll. A few white hairs are growing and they’re quite resistant to both colour and taming. And my brows are definitely not as thick as they used to be. I haven’t tried these products but I find others I’ve used I have to be careful not to get clumps.

  5. Have not used any of these. I just bought the Hourglass one though and it's my first time using a tinted gel and I am happy with it. My last one was the benefit clear one. Tinted is definitely better!

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