The best beauty tips from beautyheaven

The best beauty tips from beautyheaven

Between researching articles, monitoring forums and keeping up to date on the latest celebrity news – you learn a lot in the beautyheaven office. With the end of 2015 fast approaching, we thought it’s only fair that we pass on our professional beauty tips, tricks and wisdom. ‘Tis the season for giving, after all. 

“If you’re ever in a pinch without nail polish remover, apply a thin layer of nail polish over what you’re trying to remove, wait a couple of seconds and then wipe [away] with a cotton pad. The nail polish will lift right up.” – Aja

“I ALWAYS splash my face just after I have exercised to wash out and close my pores to avoid sweat pimples – it works!” – Issy

“Brush your brows up vertically before filling them in with powder. This way you’re actually filling in the gaps of skin between the hairs, rather than just going over the hairs. Then simply brush the hairs back in line for perfect, filled-in brows.” – Beth

“If I’m ever cooking with olive or coconut oil, I always massage a bit of it into my cuticles to keep them soft and healthy.” – Deb

“I keep a jar of coconut oil in the shower as it liquefies in the heat. I use it to cleanse my skin at night if it’s feeling really dry and also to shave my legs.” – Ally

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“Tint your brows and lashes! Whether you go in-salon or DIY at home (it’s actually super easy, I did a video about it here), it will make your lashes and brows look so much fuller and defined. I do it once every four weeks and it makes such a big difference, especially when going bare-faced to the gym or the beach. My lashes have blonde tips so when I tint them they look so much longer and I find I use less mascara and brow products when they’re freshly coloured. Try it, you won’t regret it!” – Sam

“I combine baking soda and water in the shower and use [it] as a facial exfoliator.” – Sophia

“When I apply my facial serum and moisturiser I rub any of the residue left in the palms of my hands, into my elbows and over the top of my hands to keep them hydrated and youthful-looking.” – Deb

“After washing my cleanser off with water, I always wipe my face over with a hot towel to remove any excess cleanser and make-up that was missed.” – Liz

“I use Clear Eyes eye drops before doing my eye make-up to clear away any redness and make my eyes pop.” – Kim

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“This image about where to highlight changed my life!” – Anna

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“If I run out of exfoliator scrub, I mix together raw sugar, coffee, honey and lemon. It works just as well!” – Vanessa

“My favourite place to spritz perfume is the back of my neck. When people embrace you, they get a great whiff of whatever scent you’re wearing.” – Ally

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“I exfoliate my lips with the bristles of a toothbrush – it keeps them super smooth.” – Sophia

“I always have a cotton bud dipped in micellar water on hand when doing a smoky or winged eye to quickly and efficiently fix any mistakes without having to start all over again.” –Deb

Have you ever tried any of the above? What’s your favourite beauty tip?

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