Best beauty innovations of 2012

Best beauty innovations of 2012

Do you love discovering beauty products that do more than you ever imagined? Products that work hard to make your life easier? Products so brilliant and so innovative, they pretty much blow your mind?

Well here at bh HQ, we’re exactly the same – so we thought we’d completely rock your socks off by showcasing 10 of the best beauty innovations to make it big in 2012.

From high-protection sunscreens to skin perfectors, we’ve got all the mind-blowing beauty products that are sure to change your look, and possibly your life, too…

1. BB creams

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, you’ll know all about the arrival of BB creams on to the scene. Part tinted moisturiser, part foundation, part blemish balm – multi-tasking, skin-perfecting BB creams have successfully made their way into many a beauty kit in 2012. Special shout outs go to Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, L’Oreal Nude Magique and Rimmel London BB Cream for being utterly amazing. Fun fact: Priceline sold 250,000 BB creams in 2012, compared with 27,000 in 2011.2. Non-drip hair colours

Becoming big news in the hair category this year, foam and mousse hair colours are the new must-have when it comes to DIY colour. Easily spread, easy to work with and with no dripping – they’re the obvious choice when you want salon-quality results. Did you know? John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour was voted best at-home hair colour in our 2012 Best in Beauty Awards, too!
3. Heroic hair helpers

If you struggle to produce show-stopping hairstyles yourself then this year was definitely a good year for you. Products such as DIY bun-shapers and chignon-creators surged in popularity this year  – so much so that Priceline has recently reported selling 1,000 bun-perfectors a week! Scunci has been one of the big game changers for the humble up-do in 2012. It has given us innovations such as the Bun Maker (to create your best bun ever), Pin Twirls (to secure styles without elastics)  and numerous other tools to help you construct the perfect hairstyle.4. REALLY hard-working deodorants

For some people, regular deodorants just don’t quite cut the mustard. Many people need something stronger to do away with perspiration and odour altogether. And the beauty industry listened: clinical protection deodorants were huge this year – especially the ones from Dove and Rexona (for him and her). These special cream deodorants are designed to be applied at night and last 24+ hours without letting you down.
5. Extra long-lasting, durable manicures

This year was a HUGE year for ultra-durable manicures and gel nail colours. Creative Nail Design (Shellac) and Bio Sculpture both offer long-lasting nail colour treatments that are designed to stay perfect for up to two weeks. That’s chip-resistant, fade-resistant and still shiny for up to 14 days.6. Nail art

Rocking amazing nails has become one of the biggest beauty trends of the year, with Priceline reporting 40% growth in the nail art sector in 2012. Thanks to brands like Sally Hansen, nail stickers made quite the impression with an array of quirky, individual designs that made it super-easy to rock personalised talons. Sally Hansen and ulta3 have also given us even more ways to get creative with new nail innovations such as magnetic nails, which provide an awesome wave effect. But if you’re after an even more out-of-this world look, you can thank Ciaté for its textured velvet and caviar nail kits!
7. Temporary hair hues

Pastel hair hues are hot, hot, hot this season – however, if you’re hesitant to take the plunge and tint your own locks, rub-on chalk hair colours are a fantastic solution. Kevin Murphy put these on the map with Color Bugs, and Lauren Conrad propelled dip-dyed ends to superstar status when she posted a photo of herself donning the colourful hair look post-break-up early in 2012.8. Skin-perfecting serums

With Lancome Visionnaire and Estée Lauder Idealist being two of the most popular skin care items of the year, it’s pretty obvious that skin perfecting and evening is high up on everyone’s agendas. Brightness-promoting formulas that also help battle the signs of ageing are hot property this year as people now seek to address and treat their skin issues, instead of just covering them up.
9. SPF 50+ sunscreens

Though only recently approved for sale in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), SPF 50+ sunscreens have hit our shores in time for summer. Products to look out for on the market soon include 50+ sunscreens from Guinot, Ella Bache, Sunsense and Cancer Council. Now you can enjoy the summer sun with the added benefits of 50+ protection – just remember to reapply every four hours!10. Volumising and conditioning powders

After the soaring success of dry shampoos in 2011, it was only natural that products designed to provide volume to your hair and condition your locks in a flash were soon to follow. Special snaps must go to Schwarzkopf and Cedel who have launched volumising powders and dry conditioners respectively. Thanks to these innovations, you don’t have to worry about dealing with limp or brittle hair when you’re up against the clock. Fun fact: the Australian market now accounts for 60% of worldwide sales of dry shampoos.

Which innovation were you most impressed by this year and why?

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