14 of the best beauty cheats

14 of the best beauty cheats

As beauty editors, we have access to industry insiders and an endless supply of products – but even we aren’t immune to stuffing up our lipstick or running out of shaving cream. That being said, we’ve mastered beauty hacks to get us out of all manner of ‘emergencies’ – and no one ever knows. And it’s only fair that we share our tricks with you! Here are 14 of the best beauty shortcuts, money-saving cheats and ingenious ways to solve your #firstworldbeautyproblems. MacGyver, eat your heart out.

1. Get more volume

Fake instant fullness by doing a double pony. Here’s how: split your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Then create two ponytails, one on top of the other. If you’re worried about it looking too segregated, take a one-inch section of hair from the bottom ponytail and wrap it around both elastics. We love experimenting with the good old ponytail, and you should too!

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2. Control that frizz

Use too much hairspray, and you run the risk of ending up with crunchy tresses. To combat this issue, try spritzing your hairspray on a toothbrush, then run it over your hair to brush out the flyaways and add shine. Just remember to keep it far away from your actual toothbrush – you wouldn’t want want to get these two mixed up!

bh tip: Don’t know which hairspray to use? Find the frizz fighter that’s best for you here.

3. DIY dry shampoo 

Handy with a home beauty remedy? Well, this one is a godsend on days when you just don’t have the luxury (or patience) to wash that mane (but badly need to). Get back to beautiful hair by mixing ¼ cup cornstarch with a few drops of essential oils, then apply to the roots and comb through. If you’re a dark-haired dame, add ¼ cup cocoa powder.

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What other beauty hacks do you use? Have you tried any of the above?

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