10 makeup brushes you can actually afford


Every makeup-obsessed beauty needs her own brush collection – but it’s often a luxury that falls somewhere under bills, groceries and rent. But you don’t have to spend a whole lot at once, or any more than $25 for a good quality tool. Here are 10 of the best (and affordable!) makeup brushes, which come highly recommended by our members and experts:

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#1 Real Techniques Stippling Brush – $24.99

“I love this brush for buffing in foundation. I basically dot the foundation onto my skin and use this brush to work it in. It leaves a nice finish on the skin, it’s easy to clean, the synthetic hairs are soft, [and] it’s great quality. Very easy to work with.” – amy-mack

#2 Eco Tools Foundation Brush – $10.99

“The precision shape makes it perfect for getting into the corners of my skin, down the side of my nose and under my eyes and around my mouth. This brush is super gentle and the fibres are locked so tight into the brush handle, I don’t think they’re ever going to come out! Good!” – Candyfairy

#3 asap pure Kabuki Brush – $25

“I use my Kabuki Brush with my asap mineral powder and I love the flawless result I get. The brush bristles are soft and compact, making applying make-up very simple. I always get an even, seamless application using this brush.” – Dynamite89

#4 Chi Chi Blush and Bronzer Double Ended Face Brush – $16.95

This is an awesome brush. I love how versatile it is, especially because I like to do my make-up quickly. The slanted end is great for really defining your cheekbones with bronzer and the other end is the perfect size for the apples on my cheeks for blush.” – Zainab1092

#5 The Body Shop Blusher Brush – $24.95

“The Body Shop make-up brushes are amazing and this one is no exception! It is luxuriously soft and applies blush, bronzer and powder really well without losing a lot of product. I have had this for a bit over a year and it has not lost a single hair with daily use!” – Laura12


#6 Manicare X Liz Kelsh Blending Eye Brush – $10.95

“If I was to only pick one brush from [the Manicare X Liz Kelsh] range, it would be the eye blending brush. An absolute must-have. [Use it] to blend colours together seamlessly or soften the final look of a smoky eye to next level blending.” – Make-up artist, Liz Kelsh.

#7 e.l.f. cosmetics Eyelash & Brow Wand – $3

This is a simple staple brush that is very affordable and probably would never need to be repurchased because it’ll last forever.” – Joole

#8 Natio Powder Brush – $14.95

“I quite like the design of this brush – the see-through handle looks really nice against the brown bristles. The bristles themselves are nice and soft and the brush doesn’t shed which is fantastic.” – Ms Jelena

#9 Artiste Angled Eyeliner Brush #27 – $12.95

“It is great that this brush can be used for eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrow products. If you had to buy one brush for your eyes it would be this brush. The brush is soft and gentle and doesn’t tug on the eyes.” – Chia Seed

#10 Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Set – $39.95

If you’re after a whole set for less, this collection is great value – $39.95 for SEVEN brushes.

“I received these brushes today and OH MY GOSH they are the softest brushes I’ve ever owned! The rose gold detail is beautiful and the case is perfect for travelling, with space to store extra products as well. [I] would highly recommend these affordable, but high end brushes!” – lauratough

What makeup brush do you use the most? Do you own any of the ones in this gallery?

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