Beneficial brows

Beneficial brows

Now I wouldn’t say that beauty wisdom is something that flows from the mouth of Jack Black too often, but when the funny man said “you must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow” I couldn’t help but think what a wise, wise man you are Mr Black.

While you may be wondering if my days are spent googling random celebrities (they are), there is a point; I had a fabulous brow experience the other week that I simply must share…

I was invited to have my brows done at the brand-spanking new Benefit BROW Bar in Myer, Sydney last week and loved, loved, loved every second of it. Before I continue, I feel it my duty to confess: I have a strange obsession with The Hills and have always secretly harboured a desire to mani/pedi/wax en masse as they do on the reality show. There’s just something about the girly camaraderie.

In the real world, it has always seemed a little weird and intense to invite the girls in with me as I have my brows done so I’ve never gone there. But lucky me, just as I was starting to feel dejected and contemplating a move to La La land (Lauren must need a new friend now: she’s gone through Heidi, Audrina and Whitney), Benefit saved me the hassle and opened up the achingly hip Brow Bar slap bang in the middle of Myer.

Now before you pooh-pooh the idea as being too busy, not zen – get with the programme: this is how the cool kids roll. With cool tunes playing, simply stunning mother of pearl wax (it shimmers in the light) and gorgeous girls who aren’t just a walking, talking advert in brow wow, they’re so super friendly, helpful and dedicated to getting you the best arch in town that you’ll want to invite them to lunch after. Plus once you’re done you get to browse your killer brows in a fairtytale-style pink mirror (I want one so badly that if I disappear from here – you know where to find me…employed by Benefit or behind bars) and check out the latest products from the cult brand.

It’s officially your one-stop shop for everything beauty. Go check it out, you’ll see me there and we can be brow pals – yay!

Do you like the sound of the brow bar?

p.s. Don’t worry, it’s not all about Sydney – Benefit BROW Bars will be opening in Myer Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2009.

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