bh behind-the-scenes: Bloopers galore


You’ve caught a beautyheaven video or two (or hundred) in your time, and it’s probably safe to say that we come across somewhat polished. Cool, calm and collected. Knowledgeable, even.

Well, it may (not) shock you to find out that we are far from being one-take wonders, and we stuff up. A lot.

We mess up our words, have mental blanks, forget that the cameras rolling, and swear like sailors when we get it wrong.

And we compiled all those fabulous moments into one fun video, so watch us at our worst and enjoy the giggle.

You’ll enjoy such moments as uncontrollable giggling…

Despair and frustration…

Funny faces…

And forgetfulness…

Oh, and let’s not forget the swearing – sorry, Mum(s)!

Did you think we got these videos done in one shot? Do you think you’d be more of a swearer or face-puller if you stuffed up?

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