Welcome To beautyheaven’s Natural Beauty Month 2021

Welcome To beautyheaven’s Natural Beauty Month 2021

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Welcome to beautyheaven’s Natural Beauty Month  — our annual event where we shine a spotlight on natural ingredients, packaging and sustainability, so how we can all learn together how to build a more eco-friendly beauty routine. 

This marks our fourth year of Natural Beauty Month, and our second virtual one! And although we can’t host you in real life right now, we’re so excited for those who are receiving a Natural Beauty Trial Box and to bring this event to life in your living room through articles and video.  

This year we’ll be discovering a lot about natural makeup and introducing you to some exciting new formulas, so keep checking back via our ‘Natural Beauty’ section throughout August for all the latest.


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Are you excited for Natural Beauty Month? Do you have any favourite natural beauty products?

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  1. I’m on this trial and so grateful. Located in Sydney so into 5 (or is it 6th?) Week of lockdown. It has been such a nice pick me to treat myself to trialing these products, thanks BH!

  2. MerryGoRound, it seems crazy to me with short review times because it is impossible to give as balanced a view as you would if you had longer. I can’t understand why brands give us expensive products and then not sufficient time is allowed to be really balanced with the appraisal.

    I’m not complaining because I’m delighted to get the trial but hate having to rush a review. Hope you are well.

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