Technology tantrum

Technology tantrum

If the Amish were more into mascara and less into bonnets, I’d seriously think about signing up. I’m having the kind of computer crisis that makes a girl want to switch back to carrier pigeons, paper and a trusty pen. I have no email. Nothing. Zip. It’s like being lost at sea.

So I’m counting the reasons why technology is not the bane of my life, but the boost in my beauty kit…

Reason #1 to love technology: New gen straighteners with built-in sleep mode (which kicks in after 30 minutes of being set down) and anti-singe coating. My house would be in cinders and my hair only worth shaving without them. GHD equals Godsend.

Reason #2:
Intelligent skincare. I believe in beauty products that work hard, so I don’t have to. Sunscreens that also moisturise, drive in antioxidants and soak up oil slicks? Genius. Anti-agers that figure out how to help stop premature ageing now rather than scramble to plump up lines later? Brilliant. Thanks to Dermalogica for Daylight Defense and the super clever AGE Smart line respectively.

Reason #3: Magic mascara wands. I proudly say that I own not a single old school wire and bristle brush these days. I have upgraded to the flexible, rubbery variety with built-in chambers and zig-zag spikes that lacquer every lash. And I will never look back from my Chanel Inimitable, Max Factor Masterpiece MAX and Rimmel Lash Maxxx again.

Technology is good, technology is good. Do not hurl computer out of window like a guitarist on a Vegas bender…

What’s the one beauty tech breakthrough that has changed your life?

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