bh Beauty Secrets: How To Fake Fuller Brows


Just because you weren’t born with caterpillars for eyebrows, doesn’t mean you have to settle for thin, barely-there brows. In fact, you can totally fake fuller brows with a few simple steps in your makeup routine.

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For our makeup editor bh’s Sophie’s beauty secret, she’s revealing her best tips for faking fuller brows. Whether your brows were victims of some serious over plucking in high school, or they’ve just never managed to grow into the thick arches of your dreams, bh’s beauty secret will transform the look of your brows.

Watch the video above to see how bh’s Sophie fakes fuller brows with makeup.

To get started, all you need is a spoolie, an eyebrow pencil, and a tinted eyebrow gel.

What did you think of bh’s Sophie’s eyebrow makeup tips? What are your best brow tips?

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