Do I really need it?

Do I really need it?

Adding a new beauty product into your routine is a big deal. Especially if you’re already spending up to an hour getting ready each morning. And with so many new beauty innovations being released every day, it’s often hard to decide whether to take the plunge and make the purchase or not.

But you never know, by introducing a new product to your skin you may spend less time with concealer, and a new make-up product could mean less time with touch-ups. So to help you make up your mind, here are a few examples of products you may currently be debating over and why we think they’re worth it.


Why you haven’t purchased yet:

You’re not sure you see the point of a separate primer for your eyes and figure you’ll just extend the reach of your regular primer to your eyelids.

Why you should:

Eyeshadow primer is formulated differently to regular primer, as the skin on your eyelids is more delicate and for some of you, a tad oily. Eyeshadow primer helps eyeshadow last longer, resists against creasing and some will even make your eyeshadow colours more vibrant.

Try: e.l.f. cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow PrimerandAustralis Eyeshadow Primer


Why you haven’t purchased yet:

You generally have pretty good skin with no breakouts or blemishes, so what’s the point?

Why you should:

 The point is your skin may well be ‘pretty good’, but with the aid of a cleansing brush it could be great. I’m talking radiant, no need for make-up, silky smooth skin. A cleansing brush penetrates your skin much more than a cloth or your hands ever could, meaning your skin care products work more effectively and produce better results.

Try: Philips VisaPure andClarisonic PLUS


Why you haven’t purchased yet:

You figure you can just paint on an extra layer if your polish chips when you aren’t ready for a complete colour change or re-paint.

Why you should:

First of all, waste of polish much? Second of all, you know you don’t get a smooth result painting over chipped nails. Using a base coat will give you long-lasting results, a better colour from your polish and could also mean less coats of polish in the initial painting stage. What’s not to love? One extra step in your mani routine could save you so many touch ups.

Try: Sea Siren Sea Seal and Manicare Base Coat Plus Strengthener


Why you haven’t purchased yet:

You believe you’re excellent at staying within the lines and have never found you lipstick to ‘run’ outside your lips.

Why you should:

Lip liner isn’t just for keeping your lipstick under control. It defines your lips for that extra perfect pout, can make them look bigger and give you a Cupid’s bow where you never had one before! Plus they can be worn on their own as matte lip colours.

Try: mineral fusion Lip Pencil and Models Prefer Infinite Colour Lip Liner


Why you haven’t purchased yet:

You think “but I enjoy washing my hair and don’t see the point of trying to prolong dirtiness.”

Why you should:

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. And that is not an exaggeration. Think quicker showers, lower water bills, perfectly fresh hair all day, every day and never getting out of bed early to wash your hair again. So many sleep-ins! But really, it’s a time-saving essential. And haven’t you heard that washing your hair frequently is bad for it? It’s all about the natural oils!

Try: Hair Nutrition Dry Shampoo or nak dry klean dry shampoo


Why you haven’t purchased yet:

You figure that washing your face in the shower or using a face wipe does exactly the same thing.

Why you should: 

Make-up remover has ingredients that specifically target stubborn make-up such as eyeliner, mascara and lipsticks. It breaks down the pigments to make make-up removal easy, without pulling or irritating the skin. Much gentler than scrubbing it off in the shower!

Try: Uriage Tolederm Soothing Cleansing Water and Environ’s AVST™ Eye makeup remover

Do you own any of the above products? Do you think they’re worth it? What beauty product are you currently debating about?

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