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Margot Robbie stuns – yet again

Just take a look at how the Aussie beauty rocked up to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards today.  Flawless. Stunning. Jaw-dropping. I could go on, but why bother when you can see it all for yourself? Her elegant black lace jumpsuit was perfectly complemented by her fresh make-up look and voluminous, sexy hairstyle. Oh, and that hint of colour on her lids that matches her eyes so wonderfully? Bloody genius. With heaps more red carpet events coming up, we’re excited to see what else she’s got up her sleeve.

Miley’s questionable cut

Miss Cyrus is no stranger to being in the spotlight. So what’s she done now to get us talking again? Another haircut of course! And while the last one (remember when she chopped it all off?) was kinda edgy and a little bit cool, this one is, well, not so glam. In fact, it kinda looks like someone put a bowl on her head and attacked her ‘do with a kitchen scissors. Her fans have even started comparing her to Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber. But it seems Miley is happy to poke some fun at herself – she posted this shot on her instagram:


Well, Lena Dunham on VOGUE to be more specific. Lena’s often criticised for 1) the clothes she wears on Girls, 2) the clothes she doesn’t wear on Girls, and 3) her red carpet fashion choices. So it’s really excellent to see the hilarious star finally being praised for something other than her wit and humour. Her usually-disheveled pixie cut has been brilliantly styled and her dark eye make-up, heavy lashes, and soft red lips make for a wonderfully edgy look that isn’t too glam or too grunge.

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