Beauty news: chequered cosmetics?

Beauty news: chequered cosmetics?

According to New York sources, British fashion brand Burberry is set to launch a make-up range mid next year.

The new cosmetics line will cosy up to other high-end brands at Nordstrom in the U.S. Flash in the pan? Well, far from offering just a token few pretty products, Burberry has created a full collection incorporating eyes, lips and skin.

But the question on many a luscious lip is, can Burberry get any better than its classic-style trench/scarf/handbag?

However, speculation that the brand is making a beeline for younger buyers might suggest a lower price point. Time will tell: keep a look out in July 2010, which is when the products are due to arrive on shelf.

Would you buy into a designer label with a lippy?

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