17 intriguing facts and stats about beauty

17 intriguing facts and stats about beauty

There are a lot of things to know about beauty (like how to pick the right shade of blush and which iconic mascaras are actually worth it). But for those who love a quick fact or stat, this blog is for you.

#1 Benefit Benetint was created in 1977 for an exotic dancer as a nipple stain. Today it’s more conventionally used as a lip and cheek stain.

#2 70 per cent of women have deleted a selfie or untagged themselves in a photo because they did not like their hair. (Schwarzkopf BHD Survey).

#3 William Shakespeare was the first to use the word ‘blush’ as the meaning for ‘reddening of the face’.

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#4 One Avon lipstick is sold every four seconds.

#5 Pores can store dirt and oil up to 20 years old.

#6 Over 80 per cent of skin ageing is caused by everyday sun exposure (not just at the beach!). So make sure you’re always carrying SPF products with you.

  1. Ultraceuticals SunActive SPF50+ Face Cream
  2. SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+
  3. Alpha-H Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+

#7 According to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, almost two in every three (64 per cent) Australian women (aged 14 and over) buy some kind of make-up in an average six months. Foundation is the most popular item overall, purchased by 36 per cent of women, ahead of mascara (26 per cent), lipstick (23 per cent), face powder (21 per cent) and eyeliner/eye pencil (19 per cent).

#8 One BIODERMA Sensibio H20 is sold every three seconds around the world.

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#9 The word perfume is from Latin origin and means ‘through smoke’.

#10 BB cream stands for ‘beauty balm’, CC cream stands for ‘complexion correcting’ and DD cream stands for ‘daily defense’.

  1. Nude by Nature BB Cream
  2. MUD CC Cream
  3. Nutrimetics Professional DD Créme & Corrector

#11 Tanning is said to have become popular when Coco Chanel accidentally got sunburnt while holidaying on a yacht. Of course, now we’re a lot more aware of the consequences of sun-tanning and know that a faux glow is the way to go.

#12 One Nuxe dry oil is sold every six seconds in France.

#13 Out of all the beauty videos available on YouTube, 51 per cent of them are related to make-up.

#14 One St Tropez spray tan is performed every minute.

#15 Natural blondes tend to have more hairs on their head than any other colour, while redheads typically have the least.

#16 A tube of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is sold somewhere in the world every 1.6 seconds and is said to be the world’s bestselling make-up product of all time.

#17 The founder of Maybelline (Tom Lyle Williams) named the company after his sister Maybel, who inspired him to create make-up products.

Do you know any other interesting beauty facts and stats? Which of the above surprised you the most?

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