Beauty essentials every traveller needs

Beauty essentials every traveller needs

In case your inability to get out of your cosy bed in the morning or refusal to part with your Ugg boots on the weekend weren’t big enough clues, winter is well and truly here. And that often means an exodus to sunnier, warmer climes. Or on the flipside, snowy spots. My point is, the time is ripe for travel, and while you’ve probably got suitcase packing down pat, you may not have even considered what to chuck in your in-flight kit – beauty-wise, that is. 

So here’s a handy guide of the beauty essentials that will leave you looking and feeling fresh when those wheels hit the runway at the other end of your journey. 

Short-haul flight

If you’re just heading interstate and won’t be on a plane for more than two hours, you don’t need to pack too much in your bag.

A nourishing lip balm is a must, though. While you may not realise it, the air pressure in a plane cabin can totally dry out your lips, leaving them chapped and rough. Pop one of the Chapstick Jetsetter Lipkits in your bag for instant hydration for your lips and a sweet treat for your senses (each kit contains Aloha Coconut, Mango Sunrise, and Watermelon Splash – YUM!). Not only are the tins adorably designed, but they make it so much easier to find that lip balm that always seems to nestle itself into the corner on your bag. Plus, nice to give your short trip an international feel (planning for the next trip, perhaps?).

Medium-haul flight

When you’ll be in the air for six or seven hours, you need a few extra goodies in your beauty kit. 

First up, that lip balm (of course). And with three flavours to choose from, you can give yourself small time markers (like, after 2 hours, use the coconut, and after four, use the mango).

You’ll also want to throw in a thick, hydrating hand cream. Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream works to soften and smooth hands and cuticles, and fits the liquid limit (in case they’re being super picky at security).

Your face will also feel the effects of being on a plane – you may not feel it immediately, but trust me, flights zap moisture like nothing else. So, keep a hydrating face mist (try: In Essence Rose Water Hydrating Mist) or facial oil, like Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil, in your bag and use it every few hours. Both formulas absorb quickly and help to keep skin nourished. 

Oh, and if you tend to board a flight with your ‘face’ on, definitely use a nourishing face wipe to remove any dirt and make-up soon after you board. You can also use them to refresh your skin throughout the flight.

Long-haul flight

When you’re creeping on double digits for an international flight, it’s hard to feel fresh when you land. So what should you add to your kit? All of the above products we’ve mentioned (fun idea: match your Chapstick Lipkit with your destination if possible!), plus a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste – because no one feels good if their breath is stale. The same goes for your body odour, so be sure to pack a deodorant. Just make sure it’s not an aerosol, as that will be confiscated before you’ve even hit duty free. 

If you’re like me and your hair looks wretched after a long journey, add some bobby pins and elastics to your kit. They’ll be a your saving grace when your hair gets greasy and a little unruly. 

And if you really can’t stand that greasy-hair feeling, take baby powder or Klorane Dry Shampoo (in the non-aerosol pump) to freshen your locks when you land. 

Not going away? Well, firstly, may we suggest investing in one (or all!) of the Chapstick Jetsetter Lipkits to at least make you feel like you’re going on an adventure? Secondly, enter Chapstick’s Ultimate Jetsetter Trip. Simply purchase any Chapstick product, and head to to fill in your personal, receipt and product barcode details, as well as why you and your friend want to win a Chapstick Ultimate Jetsetter Trip to be in the running to win flights, transfers and four-star accommodation to your choice of London, New York, or Tokyo. 

What are your in-flight beauty essentials? Do you have any beauty advice for travellers?

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