Hey, beauty bigwigs

Hey, beauty bigwigs

Some people get all the luck. As I’m sitting here typing and you’re sitting there reading, CEOs from some of the biggest beauty companies in the world are convening at The Breakers, a luxurious, tropical-style resort at Palm Beach in Florida.

We suspect they’re there for the cocktails and will be slipping into the plush spa at lunch. But we know they are also there to find out all about us. And you…

At this year’s Beauty CEO Summit, run by industry bible WWD, the bigwigs will be brainstorming hard about “Beauty’s Changing Nature” in general and the new beauty consumer in particular. They need to know why we buy and what we trust. They get that we’re more ingredient- and brand-savvy than ever before, they just want to know what makes us tick.

And we’d love to tell them. Ideally, we’d join them in the cushy lap of luxury and spill the beans over pina coladas, but this one’s looking more like a job for mental telepathy. Though if Bh could shoot an email to the chairman of the conference’s BlackBerry, here’s what we’d say…

Sure, we’re complex women, but our beauty demands are simple:

We just want stuff that works – We’ve got ingredient glossaries  at our fingertips and are clued up about bogus claims, so don’t promise the stars if you can’t actually deliver results we can see. We’re too smart to fall for that.

Less is more – Pretty packaging that looks respectable on the bathroom shelf or that we can show off if the powder room? Bring it on. But only as long as it’s not completely ignoring the environment. We don’t need excess packaging. We really don’t.

Beauty on the outside – While you’re making packaging leaner, make it smarter too. Please don’t put light- and air-sensitive antioxidants inside clear jars, where they will spoil at speed. Give us protective pump packs and clever applicators instead. We’ll love your products even more for it.

Thanks and love from beautyheaven x

PS: We’re available to attend next year’s event in a suitably posh location. Just so you know…

What do you want to tell beauty bigwigs?

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