Busting out

Busting out

I took the plunge and bought a pair of spray-on jeans recently. But rather than open the floodgates for compliments (as I’d hoped), they sparked debate amongst my girlfriends. One friend vehemently declared that spray-ons “suit no one”. Another said it all depends on individual body shape whether or not a trend suits.

From there, it was no surprise that the conversation led to beauty. Because the one thing we could all agreed on was that fashion and beauty go hand in hand.

Just as they say the rules of fashion were made to be broken (sometimes blue and green should be seen), the best beauty laws are the ones you can bust. Yet if, like me, the thought of breaking the rules leaves you in a cold sweat, take heed of the advice given to me by beauty buff Yolanda Lukowski: “Don’t ever feel hemmed in by rules, and always go with what feels right for you!”

With that guidance in mind, I slipped on my skinny blue jeans, whipped out my green eyeshadow and was pleasantly surprised by the effect. Apart from the fact I felt pretty reckless swaying from my usual brown palette, the result looked great. It reminded me of some words of wisdom given to me by make-up artist Cassandra Rae Ferguson. She said, “Anyone can wear any colour, anytime. You may feel that some colours suit you more than others, but this is a personal choice.” She was spot on.

So when it comes to fashion, whether it be clothes or cosmetics, you shouldn’t feel too boxed in. Trends should be fun.

As for the spray-on debate between my girlfriends and I, the general consensus we reached was that not all fashions are beautiful and whether or not you buy into them depends on what suits you best. What is a certainty is that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and confidence is key.   

Have you lived to regret a fashion decision?

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