People are now styling their brows like barbed wire

People are now styling their brows like barbed wire

After years of outrageous lip art and crazy nail art, it’s now all about brow art on social media. In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram is now flooded with images of people trying to replicate the latest crazy brow trend. It started with the bold, defined ‘Instagram brow’, then transitioned into ombré brows before last week’s viral sensation, the feather brow. Now there’s a new look taking over – #BarbedWireBrows.

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Image via @jeanxfoxx

Image via @athenapaginton

The look is created using brow gels to keep the hair pointing in different directions – just like a piece of barbed wire!

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Image via The

Image via The

Like the feather brow, we can’t exactly see these looks taking off for everyday wear. But they’re certainly creative and a sure-fire way to get you noticed on the ‘Gram. What will they think of next?!

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