Backstage beauty trick: get ultra sexy eyes

Backstage beauty trick: get ultra sexy eyes

Fashion week regular and make-up visionary Noni Smith tells how she creates the perfect feline eye for the catwalk …

“For that really lovely, really sexy cat’s eye, I use face lift tape to pull back and elongate the eye. I actually used it at the Michelle Janks show this week,” reveals Smith.

“You get it from a professional make-up store. You just attach it to the temple area and pull it back,” she details. “There’s a thin strap that goes around the back and slips under your hair to hold it in place. It’s invisible on the skin and it’s not uncomfortable at all.

“It also looks really great on a Saturday night, when wearing your hair down,” says Smith. “It gives you such beautiful, slinky eyes.”

Art Harding’s Face Lift Kit

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