Back in time – page 3

Back in time – page 3

The brand names are forever etched in our brains and symbolise some of the best-known booty in the beauty biz – but how did it all start?
Here we take a stroll down memory lane and provide an in-depth insight into some our most-loved beauty brands.

1932:Revlon is founded by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph, along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the ‘L’ in the brand name.

1930s: the company began its success with a new type of nail enamel, using pigments instead of dyes, it offered opaque, long-wearing colour.

1937: following success in beauty salons, Revlon begins to sell its nail enamel through department stores and selected drugstores.

1940s: by 1940, Revlon had added lipstick to its range. The brand contributed directly to the war effort by manufacturing first aid kits and dye markers for the navy, earning them an Army-Navy ‘E’ Award. At war’s end, Revlon acquired Graef & Schmidt, a cutlery manufacturer; this made it possible for the brand to produce its own manicure and pedicure instruments.

1950s: Revlon launches twice-yearly nail and lipstick promotions, which are linked to seasonal fashions. The brand also turned to television sponsorship in the ‘50s to help boost sales.

1955: in November, Revlon offers stock to the public.

1960s: Revlon brings the ‘American Look’ to the rest of the world through advertising featuring US. models.

1973: the iconic Charlie fragrance, designed for the young, working woman, was introduced and by the mid ‘70s, Charlie was the number one fragrance in the world.

1977: Revlon sales figures passed the $1billion mark.

1985: Revlon is sold to a subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings.

1987:Almay joins the Revlon family.

1990s: Revlon introduces the first transfer-resistant lip colour which paved the way for a full collection of transfer-resistant products – ColorStay™. It reaches a remarkable goal becoming the number one brand in mass colour cosmetics.

1996: Revlon again becomes a public company listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

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